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Raising awareness about natural disasters

Bangladesh is one of the world’s most vulnerable countries to climate change and natural disasters, with over six per cent of the population affected by disasters each year
Md. Atikur Rahman
Raising awareness about natural disasters

Better known for its natural disasters globally, Bangladesh still stands fifth among the top disaster risk countries in the world. It is difficult to think when our neighboring countries take various initiatives to make their people more aware to protect the natural environment, to ensure a suitable living environment for themselves and their future generations. Here we cannot strengthen our position due to lack of apathy and ability of the authorities. It a serious threat for us as well as the future generations to come. The lack of modern tools needed to prevent the disaster, the lack of experienced and skilled manpower, neglect and the absence of environmental protection, the mismanagement and failure of the concerned people, the necessary environmental knowledge, the lack of training and programs, environmental research, and the need to make people more aware is endangering.
The amount of carbon dioxide deposited in the world's atmosphere in 2016 is the highest of eight million years and 50 percent more than the average of the last 10 years. The information provided by the World Meteorological Agency (WMO) WMO has made the report by analysing data-data from carbon emissions in 51 countries of the world. According to World Bank's 2015 Global Carbon Atlas report, 36 thousand 262 tons of carbon emissions occur in the world in that year. Of these, China has the highest 10 thousand 357 tones, USA 5,441 tones and India 2,274 tons of carbon emissions. The amount of carbon emitted in Bangladesh was only 77 tones (The Daily Prothom-Alo, 31 October, 17). But natural disasters like climate change, storm surge, flood, drought etc. are more damaging to developing countries like Bangladesh.
The Paris Convention signed in the United Nations Climate Conference held in Geneva last November, many studies, proposals, committees, sub-committees, hackers will be implemented, but in reality what will be the implementation of the Paris Treaty? That is, by 2020, the world's temperature does not exceed 2 degrees Celsius may be only in suggestion and in dreams. Because industry-friendly, none of the developed countries wants to reduce the use of fossil fuels in mills, factories, or even cheap alternatives if they do not want to. Without the use of hydroelectric power, solar power or atomic electricity, fossils have been used to create electricity, which causes carbon toxicity in the atmosphere. There are very few countries in hydropower facilities. Large-scale and long-term investment needs to be generated in solar power generation. Nuclear power plants are expensive and threats to the environment. But without the power, the earth will be stagnant. Considering everything, industrialised countries try to emit carbon, but in reality, the success may actually be little. An alternative and an effective natural way to reduce carbon emissions are to increase forestry. If most of the world's fallen land is covered with trees, then carbon emissions will significantly decrease.
Not only this, the political parties have committed suicidal activities to fill barricades of hundreds of trees in the name of the movement and filling the opposition, in the name of movement-struggle, in the name of the movement, which is responsible for most of the country's destruction of the environment. Which seems to cause more concern and fear for the country and the nation? Although the developed nations from the beginning of industrial revolution have been more responsible for arbitrary environmental pollution, climate change, erosion of waste, greenhouse reaction, nuclear and logistical pollution, industrialised countries are more responsible. Which is pouring into a terrible disaster in developing countries like ours? And our policymakers prefer to be a silent spectator instead of protesting and compensating them, which is not desirable. The destruction of the country's economy, people's livelihood, production-oriented agriculture, fisheries, all kinds of livelihoods due to such activities of industrialised countries and their negligence of the country, due to their negligence, the poisonous atmosphere surrounding us is creating a silent poisoning and horrific catastrophe and destruction that is pushing us and our future generation. It's now more important for everyone to get out of this.
It is difficult to think, due to the staggering environmental pollution and the climate change; there is no such kind of season in our country in the sixties. Because other seasons except summer, monsoon, and winter are more restricted than mere Bangla months and days. A little awareness, a careful vision, and goodwill can protect themselves from the environment and protect themselves from natural disasters. Because if we want to stop untimely tree plantation, sixteen million people can plant some sixteen million trees and save some of them from the catastrophic clutter of the Green House. In this case, we need more good wishes. If we still cannot take quick remedies, then its consequences will be worse for everyone.
 Therefore, as soon as possible, it is crucial to identify all the possible ways to preserve the balance of the environment and pollution in the face of natural disasters, and be equally aware and responsible for the people of this country. Likewise, the government feels more important to develop planned and powerful disaster management structures in the country. In addition to compensating for their losses, every conscious people of this country, including the government, will have to play a more motivated and vocal role, which seems to be more pressing in the interest of the nation.
Almost every year, various types of natural disasters, such as tornadoes, are hurting the environment, including livelihoods and resources of the people of the country, such as cyclone, tidal bore, flood, drought, earthquake, land and hill collapse, fire extinguishing, river erosion, etc. In this, a huge amount of money is being spent only for the rehabilitation of the victims, which are hindering other development activities of the country. In this case, if the government stresses the need to adopt short and long-term plans for the prevention of disaster before its disaster, then more benefits will be available. This will prevent the loss of government money, just as it will be possible to permanently build the necessary infrastructure to prevent disaster. To provide the people's interest and motivation in this work, all the print and electronic media, including conscious youth, wealthy, will have to come forward with a service mentality.
In this case, we think that every citizen of the country, including the government, will have to take the necessary steps to be more aware and aware of the issues to be done in the fight against disaster. In this work, the government must ensure the involvement of the people in disaster management and its prevention.
A high-level National Disaster Response Committee will be formed with expert, experienced and researchers without the party's influence, the committee will only have to create new strategies for disaster prevention and management and it will be more determined to implement it quickly with accountability. The problem of environmental disasters and disaster is the overall national problem of a country. Therefore, no particular person, organisation or special law is enough to free the country and nation from that problem. What is needed in this case is the true consciousness of every person of the country. If every citizen of the country is aware of the problems of environmental disasters, then we can easily protect our existence from environmental disasters and any disaster, which is more urgent. To protect the country from such a silent attack like natural calamities, we need to be motivated right now. So, as soon as possible, the government should ensure coordinated administrative steps regarding the expertise, integrity, and expertise of the experts, protecting the country from the death of our endangered environment and ensuring a safe and beautiful homeland for our future generations.
That is what we expect from the government or the people in this country to face natural disaster - that consciousness and more good will awake.

The writer is a freelancer.
E-mail: [email protected]




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Editor : M. Shamsur Rahman
Published by the Editor on behalf of Independent Publications Limited at Media Printers, 446/H, Tejgaon I/A, Dhaka-1215.
Editorial, News & Commercial Offices : Beximco Media Complex, 149-150 Tejgaon I/A, Dhaka-1208, Bangladesh. GPO Box No. 934, Dhaka-1000.

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