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First Dawra-e-Hadith exams May 15
Qawmi Madrasa boards

First Dawra-e-Hadith exams May 15

The six Qawmi Madrasa Education Boards have decided to hold unified Dawra-e-Hadith exams from May 15. The decision comes within a week of the government’s announcement to recognize the boards’ certificates of Dawra-e-Hadith as being equivalent to Master’s degree in Islamic studies and Arabic. Board sources said the Dawra-e-Hadith exams will be held under unitary question papers for the first time between May 15 and May 25.
They said an 11-member examination committee—six from Qawmi Madrasa Education Board (BEFAQ) and five from each Qawmi Madrasa Board—has been formed to conduct the exams. Maulana Shamsul Haque of Gowhardanga madrasa has been nominated as the examination controller. The committee would not be able to switch to another board this year because the examinations are being held.
Yahya Mahmud, member secretary of Qawmi Madrasa Sanad Shikriti Bastabayan Parishad, told The Independent that the decision for a unified exam and the dates were taken at a meeting held at Hathazari Darul Ulum Madrasa in Chittagong yesterday. The meeting was led by BEFAQ chairman Allama Ahmed Shafi.
“The six Qawmi Madrasa Education Boards would set the question papers within a week,” Mahmud said. He said the exact number of examinees was not known as yet. “The six boards would provide their respective number of examinees within two to three days,” he added.
Mahmud added that the boards have decided to set up an office in Dhaka to conduct all activities. “The meeting also decided not to take any financial support from the government to conduct their activities,” he added.
Quoting the BEFAQ chairman, Mahmud said, “A certain section of people was trying
to foil the efforts of the Qawmi Madrasas. This section was trying to create breach between the government and Qawmi Madrasa. All have to be united to resist these people.”
Mahmud said the participants in the meeting also thanked the government for recognising their certificates.
On April 11, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina had announced the recognition of the certificates of Dawra-e-Hadith under BEFAQ.
Then, on April 13, the education ministry had issued a circular saying that the equivalence of the certificates was based on the basic principles of Darul Uloom Deoband of India, and to maintain the separate characteristics of the Qawmi madrasas.
According to the circular, a 15-member committee led by Allama Ahmed Shafi as chairman was formed to implement the standard of the certificates of the Qawmi Madrasa boards.
This committee would be regarded as the highest decision-making body in respect of the certificates of Dawra-e-Hadith of the registered madrasas, and they would be equivalent to Master’s degree, the circular said.
The Dawra-e-Hadith examinations would be held under this committee. This committee is also able to form one or more than one sub-committee for the formulation of Dawra-e-Hadith syllabus, examination system, examination schedule, formulation of unitary questions, evaluation of answer scripts, results and certificates, etc. This committee would inform the education ministry about their activities, the circular said.
The circular also said that the committee would be above party politics. According to Bangladesh Bureau of Educational Information and Statistics (BANBEIS), there are 13,902 Qawmi madrasas in Bangladesh that impart education to around 1.4 million students.
Several quarters have condemned the government’s recognition of the Qawmi madrasa certificates.