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Tidal surge, heavy rains trigger flooding in coastal areas
Our Correspondent

Tidal surge, heavy rains trigger flooding in coastal areas

A road submerged by rainwater in Maijdee Court area of Noakhali yesterday. INDEPENDENT PHOTO

Torrential rains, onrush of water from upstream and high tide have inundated vast areas in coastal districts, leaving tens of thousands of people marooned.
The normal life in Bhola district has been disrupted due to flooding of homesteads over the past one week.
Sources said the rain that started a week ago has been continuing till yesterday. As a result, the water level of the River Meghna has risen inundating the low laying areas, including the Char (shoal) lands located on both the sides of the river. Majher Char and Rajapur Char of Bhola sadar, Medua Madanpur and Hajipur union of Daulatkhan upazila, Char Johir Uddin of Tajumuddin upazila and Dhal Char, Char Patila and Chars of Monpuyra upazila go under water during tide every day.
 On the other hand, erosion has taken a serious turn devouring new areas in the district.
Following the week long torrential rains standing crops on a vast tract of lands, especially the char areas of the district were inundated.
The low-laying areas in Bhola town have been gone under water due to the heavy showers.
Thousands of fishermen and low-income people, including day labourers, are spending idle time. The fishermen cannot sail into the turbulent sea for catching fish and day labourers  are not called for work for continuous rain.  
Sources in the agriculture department said it is the time for sowing Aman seeds and preparing lands for transplantation of seedlings, but it is being hampered seriously due to the water logging and rain.
Our correspondent from Nokahlai reports: The low-lying areas in Fulgazi and Parshurm upazilas in Feni town have gone under water and shoal areas in Subarnachar, Hatiya have been inundated by torrential rains and tidal surge, caused by a depression in the Bay of Bengal.
Mohari River in Uttar Dulatpur of Fulgazi upazila continued to flow 80 to 85 cm above the danger level on Saturday.
Hundreds of people have been marooned, fish enclosures and standing crops damaged by water during the last 24 hours.  
Sources said rain water has inundated Shahid ullah kaser roads, Lalpur, Fetepur, Mohipal areas in Feni district. Local newsman of Feni Bokthier Islam Munna said water has entered his house on Friday night.
 Nirbhai Officer of Fulgazi upazila Mahidur Rahman said flood control  embankment of Mohari River has collapsed at two places in Shapur and uttar Daulatpur villages due to heavy down pour.
Nearly 4,000 families have shifted to safer places, the UNO said. The upazila administration has distributed dry food among the affected people, he said.
UNO Hatiya Abu Hasnat Md Mohin Uddin quoting chairmen of respective unions said the tidal waters entered vast areas through the breaches of the flood control embankment at Naler char point. As a result, shrimp in the enclosures, fish in the ponds have been washed away.