POST TIME: 12 December, 2016 00:00 00 AM
Joya’s ‘Bisarjan’ to be released on Pahela Baishakh
DL reporter

Joya’s ‘Bisarjan’ to be released on Pahela Baishakh

‘Bisarjan’, a Kolkata-based film starring lustrous Bangladeshi actress Joya Ahsan in a lead role, is going to hit cinemas on the upcoming Pahela Baishakh. Directed by celebrated Indian actor-filmmaker Kaushik Ganguly, Joya played the role of Padma in the film.
DhakaLive has news that Abir Chatterjee from Tollywood acted opposite Joya. Besides, director Kaushik Ganguly himself will also be seen playing an important role in the film. Joya’s ‘Bisarjan’ will see its release in Kolkata under the banner of Opera Movies. Joya said about working in the film, “I had a desire of working in the film of Kaushik Da (Kaushik Ganguly). I acted alongside him earlier in the film ‘Abarta’, and this time around, I have acted under his direction. I am immensely happy with the opportunity.” To note, ‘Bisarjan’ is a love story-based film; the plot is about then East Pakistan (now Bangladesh). In addition, emphasis has given on the facts like the border areas and check posts of that time.