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‘Aynabaji’ wins best film award at Seattle festival
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‘Aynabaji’ wins best film award at Seattle festival

Amitabh Reza’s directorial debut film ‘Aynabaji’, which created a buzz among the audiences since its release last month, won the best film award at the 11th Seattle South Asian Film Festival (SSAFF) in Seattle, United States. Producer of the film, Ziauddin Adil received the award on behalf of the film recently.
The festival opened with  the film ‘Aynabaji’ on October 11 and Chanchal Chowdhury, the protagonist in the film ‘Aynabaji’, attended the inaugural ceremony of the 11th Seattle South Asian Film Festival. Along with Chanchal, cast and crew of the Asian films were also present at the festival.
After receiving the award, producer Ziauddin Adil said, “At the time of making the film, we knew that the film will bring worldwide fame for the country. We are very much hopeful about the film ‘Aynabaji’ that  it will bring more glory and award for the country.”
Director of the film Amitabh Reza said, ‘Receiving any award is an inspiration, but the smiling face of the audience after getting out from the hall is the biggest prize to me. All the awards of ‘Aynabaji’ is for all the film lovers of the country.”
The film also screened at Marché du Film at 69th annual Cannes Film Festival, where it scored well.