POST TIME: 2 October, 2016 00:00 00 AM
Dhaka to have 6 ETPs to treat used water

Dhaka to have 6 ETPs to treat used water

The government has decided to prepare separate master plans to ensure proper disposal of sewerage water and sanitation coverage across the country, including urban areas. As part of the initiative, the Local Government Division (LGD) has chalked out plans to construct six effluent treatment plants (ETP) in Dhaka city for treatment of used water and household waste before dumping them into rivers. A project will be undertaken to implement the initiative.
Similar projects will also be taken to set up ETPs in other cities, LGD joint secretary Mahbub Hossain told reporters while responding to a query at a press conference at the department of public health engineering (DPHE) yesterday.
The DPHE organised the event to brief media about its preparation to observe the ‘National Sanitation Month of October, 2016’ from October 1 and ‘World Hand Wash Day, 2016’ on October 15.
DPHE chief engineer Md. Waliullah presented the keynote paper while Mahbub Hossain and other senior officials replied to questions from media-persons.
LGD deputy secretary Khairul Islam, DPHE’s additional chief engineers Shahid Iqbal and Delwar Hossain and UNICEF’s wash specialist, Zakariah Agberemi, attended the programme. They were present at the press meet. Referring to a recent study report of Joint Monitoring Programme (JMP, 2015), Waliullah said around 99 per cent people have been brought under the sanitation coverage at present.
According to the report, 0 (zero) per cent of the country’s urban people and 2 per cent of rural people were out of sanitation coverage. Although the government has a target to bring everybody under the sanitation coverage, it would be possible for it to achieve the target by 2020, he said.
Waliullah added: “Currently, the government is working to improve the sanitation system as almost 38 per cent of latrines in the country are not hygienic. Steps will be taken to improve the latrines in future.”
When asked about the DPHE initiative to ensure sanitation for the floating population in Dhaka, he said city corporations would address the issue. They would take all necessary measures, he added.
“As far as I know, the city corporations have already taken several measures to ensure hygienic sanitation for the floating people,” he said. He also added: “The corporations have already reconstructed some public toilets and have plans to build more toilets. They will construct more toilets if space is available.”