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A memorable birthday for Nishita Barua
The singer excited about MPL’s journey today
DL reporter

A memorable birthday for Nishita Barua

Today is the birthday of melodious singer Nishita Barua. This birthday will certainly be a memorable one for the singer as it is the same day that the much-anticipated musical reality show ‘Music Premiere League’ (MPL) will begin, where Nishita will be participating as the Dhaka divisional team leader along with her team members Shahanje, Nafis, Alsaba and Mati. Nishita will spend some time over the telephone with her parents for her birthday today. Later on, she will spend time with some of her instrumentalists and her close people.
Nishita said, “I am delighted that the MPL will begin on the day of my birthday. That is why today will most certainly be a memorable day for me. MPL will be a challenging completion and God only knows what will happen in the end. However, every time my birthday arrives, I feel that my new album has not been released yet. About the new album, I ask for everyone’s well wishes and blessings that I am able to present it this time to my listeners.”
Organised by Channel i and directed by Taher Shipon, the reality show MPL is set to begin today at 7:50pm. MPL will be open for participation to the mass people from all across Bangladesh. There will be eight divisional teams with eight popular musicians as the team leaders. The team leaders will get to form their respective divisional teams through regional auditions, selecting three promising singers from each division.
Nishita Barua released her album ‘Bondhu Tomay Mone Pore’ back in 2006 and the following year she released her second album ‘Amay Niye Cholo’. Even though she gave some time towards being a presenter, Nishita Barua has since been fully focusing on her music career. l

Photo Courtesy: Dipu Khan