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Shamim Hasan Sarkar Emerging Actor

Shamim Hasan Sarkar
Emerging Actor

Fazle Rabbi Khan

Shamim Hasan Sarkar, 27, has been acting from his schooldays in different drama competitions. Now, he is busy with several TV serials and single dramas. Besides acting, he plays with music as well.
Shamim did his masters in construction management from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia and plans to go for higher studies. He wants to see himself as a successful actor and wants to play a challenging role in a movie or two. Y&I talked to him recently.








How did you get into acting?

I started acting in stage plays in class 7, when I was in Jhenaidah Cadet College. Then I got admitted to MIST (Military Institute of Science and Technology) and from the first year to last, I got several awards for acting, including the top prize in different competitions. I was the founder-member of MIST Drama and Film Society and we performed at BUET in the Inter-university Drama Festival in 2011. After my graduation, I became very busy with my job. Then after a year and a half, in 2013, I decided to go for my masters degree abroad. I went to Malaysia and that time, I created the concept of ‘Mango Squad’. I started working as an youtuber and within very short period of time, my channel became popular. One of the popular directors of our country, Mabrur Rashid Bannah, called me up and offered me a part in a TV serial, ‘Nine and a half”, when I returned. And that is how I started.  

Do you think institutional learning is necessary for acting?

Yes! I do believe institutional learning matters. We need to learn all the things about acting to make it simple and real. So, learning matters for quality.

Does acting in theatre help?

I believe the root of acting comes from theatre. It’s like music. More you learn and practice, the more you gain skills for performing. Theatre is a live thing and there, the best actors get to perform live. I still love to perform live on the stage, because it’s more lively and interactive with the audience.

Who is your inspiration, and your idols?

My inspiration is my family_ my father, mother and my only sister _ from the very beginning. And Mossharaf Karim, Zahid Hassan and Chanchal Chowdhury are my idols. I do like their acting. I have already worked with Zahid Hassan and am looking forward to acting with the others.

Tell us about your remarkable works so far.

I am working in some TV serials and got recognition for ‘Nine and a Half” (DeshTV) and ‘House #44’ (NTV). My first single drama was ‘Problem Ta Ki?’. Recently, I have received appreciation for the ROBI TV commercial on ‘Modhur’ offer and the short film on clean Dhaka, ‘Poriborton Chai’, as well.

How are you busy nowadays?

Now, I am busy with some upcoming projects, including single dramas, YouTube videos and music with my own tracks.

Do you have any plan to act in movies?

Obviously, I have a dream to act in the cinema. I would prefer a remarkable role, than just any main role. I want to take on any kind of challenging character. I am still a learner. Day by day, I am learning new things from others.
Is struggling a part of acting? What would be your advice to newcomers?

I never really faced any big struggle or issues for acting. It is a good competition right now. Many young stars and good actors are performing very well. I want to suggest to the  newcomers that if you love acting and if you can work hard with your passion, you can do it. But just focus on your acting, don’t go with the flow of fame and fans.

And what’s your future plan? Where do you see yourself in 2020?

I want to see myself as a successful actor by 2020. I want to be a good human being and I want to serve my country. I just believe that to serve the nation, we all don’t need to wear uniforms. We can serve from our own place, in our own fields.