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In Conversation With Aruna Biswas

In Conversation With Aruna Biswas

DhakaLive’s Nazir Hossain has revealed more about the actress-director’s current activities through a recent interview. Excerpt follows:

What is the latest production from director Aruna Biswas?

Recently, I have made an anti-dowry tele-drama tiled ‘Reba’, which has been scripted by Mannan Hira. The tele-drama will be aired on ATN Bangla shortly.  

Has actress Aruna Biswas worked in any new drama serial?

Yes, in recent times, I have acted in two more new drama serials—Shahin Rizvi-directed ‘Neel Daar Kaak’ and BU Shuvo-directed ‘Life in a Metro’.

Besides, several drama serials where I acted are being aired on different TV channels right now. They are ‘Baksobandi’--directed by Nayem Imtiaz Neyamul--on NTV, Uchchhas-directed ‘Parampara’ on SATV and Fazlur Rahman’s ‘Jiboner Oli Goli’ on ATN Bangla.

Any other productions, where you have worked in recent time?

I have acted in yet another new tele-drama titled ‘Nisshabda Sainik’ directed by Hasan Sikder—a special production based on our Language Movement. It will be telecast on a satellite TV channel in February--a meaningful month for the people of Bangladesh.

Are you working in any new film?

Yes, I am going to act in a new film under the direction of Tareq, who is an assistance of late noted filmmaker Chashi Nazrul Islam.

How will you weigh up your recent activities as an actress?

Truly, I am very happy with my recent activities. I am grateful to all the directors, who are working with me for their productions. My happiness is that they are fascinated by my works, and that is why they involve the artiste Aruna Biswas in their works. It is also my great achievement that assessing me properly as an artiste, they are taking me in their projects.
I want to live forever in the hearts of the audience with my works.

Viewers watched you attending birthday celebration of Nayak Raj Razzak on Channel i on January 23. What would you say about the legendary actor?

Without Razzak, I have no existence. Without him, actress Aruna would not have been born. My father is no more, but I always consider him as my father and I am his daughter.

To note, Aruna-directed a jatra (a folk theatre form) show is being aired on one Friday of the month on BTV at 10:30am. Besides, anchored by her, ‘Amader Ranna Ghar’—a cooking programme is being aired on Banglavision every Friday at 11:05am.