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Rural people benefit from dairy farming

Rural people benefit from dairy farming

The expanding dairy sector continues to boost rural economy cutting poverty to change socioeconomic condition of the common people side by side with meeting nutritional demand in the northern districts, reports BSS.
Concerned experts and dairy farmers see brighter prospect for exploration of diary sector adopting comprehensive steps, including setting up of milk-processing industries, to usher in a new era in strengthening rural economy.
President of Rangpur Chamber of Commerce of Industry (RCCI) Abul Kashem said the dairy sector has been expanding fast, dairy farmers and common people have been producing huge milk daily in the region.
“But, lack of adequate milk processing industries, the desired growth in the sector is still being hampered,” he said adding that the present government has taken steps for establishing necessary industries to overcome the situation.
Agriculture and Environment Coordinator of RDRS Bangladesh Mamunur Rashid said thousands of hardcore poor people living both in the main land and char areas have been changing fortune through flourishing diary sector even after facing many hurdles.
The char economy is flourishing with the expanding diary sector and animal husbandry and char people are selling huge milk at lower price for lack of diary factories, milk processing industries or preservation facilities near char areas.
He suggested for launching cooperatives systems to ensure smooth marketing of the milk being produced daily in the poverty-prone char areas to further accelerate economic advancement of the people in shorter periods.Echoing similar voice, Livestock specialist Dr Rowshanuzzman put emphasis on launching cooperatives systems to ensure smooth m arketing of the enormous quantity of milk being produced in rural areas to accelerate economic development.
Executive Director of ‘Northbengal Institute of Development Studies’, based at Rangpur, Dr Syed Samsuzzaman put importance on setting up of milk processing, chilling centres and organising milk producers under cooperatives to further flourish the diary sector.
Meanwhile, the Rangpur Dairy (RD) Milk Processing Factory, a successful private sector enterprise, at Boldipukur in Mithapukur upazila here has set up glaring example to create huge jobs for poverty-stricken rural people to change their economic conditions.