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Salauddin Lavlu busy with work on birthday today
DL reporter

Salauddin Lavlu busy with 
work on birthday today

Famed actor-director Salauddin Lavlu has no plans to celebrate his birthday today as he is currently not in very jovial spirits. The main reason for this is because his mother is currently seriously ill and undergoing treatment in a city hospital. That is why for the last one and a half months, he has been busy tending to his ill mother. And today, on the day of his birthday, he will also be busy with the shooting of his ongoing RTV drama serial ‘The Village Engineer’  and for that reason, he will be spending the day shooting in Pubail. Salauddin Lavlu said, “Currently, I am not in great spirits because my mother is in the hospital. The entire family is tensed and stressed. I am shooting because I have to. To be honest, I forgot about the birthday. Maybe before I would have celebrated the birthday in the shooting spot, but now, the frame of mind is such that there is absolutely no desire for celebration.  Even then, I would like to ask for everyone’s well wishes and prayers.”
The actor-director informed that he will be directing a new drama serial from February. He informed that he has received an official script and currently there is a matter of choosing the artistes for the roles. To note, Salauddin Lavlu’s only directed film is titled ‘Molla Barir Bou. The film stars  Moushumi, Riaz, Shabnur, ATM Shamsuzzaman, Pran Roy, Chitralekha Guho, Keramat Mawla, Khairul Alam Sabuj, Wahida Mollick Jolly, Masud Ali Khan and many more. Salauddin Lavlu first appeared in a tele-drama through ‘Din Ratrir Khela’, directed by Abdullah Yousuf Imam. His first-acted drama serial was titled ‘Shongkito Podojatra’. He then made various appearances on television. The first tele-drama that he directed was titled ‘Koutob’, written by Masum Reza. The first drama serial that he directed for Ekushey TV was titled ‘Gohorgachi’, written by Hafiz Redu., which received immense praise. Some of his other notable drama serials are ‘Ronger Manush’, ‘Bhobher Haat’, ‘Sakin Sarisuri’, ‘Ghorkutum’, ‘Kabuliotonama’.  l