POST TIME: 24 January, 2016 00:00 00 AM
Hasin delighted after winning award
DL reporter

Hasin delighted after winning award

21 January of this year will certainly be a memorable one for Veet model-turned-actress Hasin Roushan Jahan.  After years of giving her best efforts with her acting and giving some amazing performances, the talented actress was finally recognised for all her hard work and efforts. For her performance in the RTV tele-drama ‘Celebrity’, directed by Masud Sejan, Hasin won an award at the recently held RTV Star Awards on January 21 at the Bangabandhu International Conference Centre.  This was the first time that Hasin won an award for her acting performance. She acted opposite Mahfuz Ahmed in the tele-drama. Hasin was utterly delighted and she shared her jubilation and excitement, “When I was nominated as a best actress in the awards, that itself was something quite unbelievable for me. I really could not believe it. During the award, when my name was announced, I was stunned and speechless. When I was on my way to the stage to receive the award, I cannot express the sheer joy that I was experiencing at that very moment. I am extremely grateful to the RTV family. I would like to convey a special thanks to Masud Sejan, the director of the tele-drama for which I received this immense honour. I would also like to thank Mahfuz Ahmed as he was very cooperative with acting during the tele-drama.  He told me that for my performance in this tele-drama, I would be respected and get an award.”