POST TIME: 29 January, 2022 06:24:50 PM
Covid surge in Rajshahi: Shops, restaurants to shut by 8pm
UNB, Rajshahi

Covid surge in Rajshahi: Shops, restaurants to shut by 8pm

Rajshahi district administration has ordered closure  of shops, shopping malls, recreation centers, restaurants and all business establishments by 8 pm amid an alarming surge in Covid cases in the district.

The directive will be effective from January 29 along with all other directives imposed by the government to curb Covid-19 until any further notice, according to a notice issued by Abdul Jalil, Deputy Commissioner of the district.

DC Abdul Jalil said the decision was taken on Friday night in an emergency meeting of the district Covid control and prevention committee.

The decision it was announced through mike on Friday, he said.

Besides, a team was formed and police administration was informed to enforce the decision.

On Friday the case positivity rate in the district stood at 64.52 per cent after detecting 120 cases among 186 sample tests, said Brigadier General Shamim Yazdani, director of Rajshahi Medical College and Hospital (RMCH).

On Thursday the positivity rate was at 74.84 per cent, he said. Four more people died of Covid at RMCH in the last 24 hours till Saturday morning, he said.