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vivo rewinds 2021
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vivo rewinds 2021

With a variety of product launches, improved customer service, a global footprint, local manufacturing, successful events, and increased sales, vivo, has emerged as a global leading smartphone maker in 2021 with 'More Local, More Global' strategy, vivo successfully introduced various flagship devices and expanded its offering while deepening its origins and keeping the legacy alive. 

Let's look back at all vivo's accomplishments from 2021 and look forward to a successful 2022. 

Expanded the Offering with multiple smartphone launch 

vivo released multiple products to its portfolio to provide best-in-class technology in a variety of price ranges. Added imaging technology from ZEISS to its premium X Series, V series carries the identity for all-around smartphones with high-end capabilities, and Y Series that offers a wide range of affordable smartphones which are designed to meet the needs of young customers.

Expanded R&D with Self-Designed Imaging chipset V1

V1, a fully customized integrated circuit chip dedicated to imaging and video applications with leading-edge visual quality, was unveiled by vivo. It marked a significant milestone as the company's first breakthrough in independent R&D and chip design. The Imaging Chip V1 meets user needs by optimizing smartphone application scenarios.

Became the Second Fastest Growing 5G Smartphone Brand

vivo has achieved significant progress in 5G standards and key technologies and is committed to offering a rising number of 5G mobile phones and a better 5G experience to users. In Q1 2021, vivo became the second-fastest growing 5G smartphone brand in the world, with 19 million units shipped, up 62 percent from the previous quarter. vivo has established itself as a market leader in the 5G mobile phone industry.

Partnership with ZEISS

vivo and ZEISS established a global imaging partnership with the long-term goal of providing consumers with the best-in-class mobile imaging experience. Together with ZEISS, a global leader in optics. vivo is continuing to push the boundaries of smartphone imaging by integrating ZEISS expertise in optics and optoelectronics for smartphone engineering to achieve a superior camera experience. 

EURO Partnership - “To Beautiful Moments” Campaign 

vivo was one of the presenting sponsors at EURO and debuted its “To Beautiful Moments” campaign – a platform that encourages fans to be in the moment, whether virtually or through magic of the live experience. During the tournament, vivo has been enabling people around the world be in the moment and get closer to the action to celebrate with friends, family, and fellow fans.

Innovation in 5G Technology

vivo is navigating towards large-scale 5G adoption making 5G devices ever more accessible and affordable and has released over 20 models of 5G devices globally covering all price ranges from 1,000 – 6,000 RMB.  vivo holds over 3,000 patents for 5G inventions and ranks top 8 in terms of the company’s impact within 3GPP.

Partnership with National Geography – VISION+ Mobile Photo Awards

To establish a mobile image ecosystem, vivo teamed with National Geography for the second time and launched the VISION+ Mobile Photo Awards. The images created using vivo smartphones by internationally acclaimed photographers, including Martin Parr and Xiao Quan inspire people to embrace the joys of creation and accelerate the development as a pioneer in the field.

After a successful 2021, vivo is all set to push the limits and achieve many more milestones in 2022 with multiple products and technology, read a media release.