POST TIME: 30 November, 2021 05:37:30 PM
Energypac gets The Global Economics Awards
Staff Reporter, Dhaka

Energypac gets The Global Economics Awards

Energypac Power Generation Ltd from Bangladesh has recently been honoured as ‘The Most Sustainable Power Engineering Company’ by The Global Economics. A total of 12 business enterprises from around the world have been awarded at this year’s edition, says a press release.

The Global Economics Awards has been introduced with a view to recognising the contributions of the best market players in their respective fields. It identifies business entities that leave no stone unturned to come up with the best work and business practices to contribute to their regional and global economies. This year, Energypac has been accoladed as the most sustainable power generation company from Bangladesh. 

Beginning the journey in 1982, Energypac has combined digitalization and sustainability to provide solutions to make manufacturing cleaner, infrastructure more energy efficient and offer access to clean energy. Energypac offers a wide range of power products and services in different categories such as power transmission and distribution, power generation, energy-efficient luminaries and renewable energy and management.

Humayun Rashid, Managing Director & CEO of Energypac Power Generation Ltd, said on this occasion, “We are so happy to be recognised as the most sustainable power engineering company. Energypac believes in marching forward and carrying out developments using clean energy and methods. This award will inspire us to be more committed to our vision as a company.” 

It is mentionable that Energypac has been honoured with different awards in the previous years for its commitment and contributions. Some of those include Gold Medal, National Export Trophy in the categories of “electric and electronic products”, HSBC-The Daily Star Climate Award 2011 and National Productivity and Quality Excellence Award.