POST TIME: 26 October, 2021 04:52:14 PM / LAST MODIFIED: 26 October, 2021 04:57:14 PM
People looking for a change in govt: Fakhrul
UNB, Dhaka

People looking for a change in govt: Fakhrul

Stating that a change in government is now the demand of people, BNP Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir on Tuesday asked the government to hand over power to a non-party neutral government.

"We would like to say it clearly that a change in government is now the demand of people. Awami League has no right to stay in power as they couldn’t solve any problem. They’re now unleashing communal violence and violating human rights,” he said.
Speaking at a ‘peace rally’ in front of BNP’s Nayapaltan central office, Fakhrul also alleged that the Awami League government has made people's lives miserable with its ‘misrule' and repressive acts.
"We ask the government to step down immediately, handing over power to a neutral government for arranging a credible election under a neutral Election Commission so that everyone can cast votes and elect their representatives,” he said.
BNP was scheduled to bring out a ‘peace rally’ towards the Jatiya Press Club from its Nayapaltan central office at 11am.
As the government has deployed a huge number of police in Nayapaltan area since morning, the BNP general secretary announced that the programme was over by holding a brief rally on a makeshift stage in front of their party office.
Hundreds of BNP leaders and activists also gathered in Nayapaltan area to join the rally.
Fakhrul said they sent a letter to the authorities concerned earlier to bring out a peace rally towards the Jatiya Press Club in protest against the planned destruction of communal harmony by the government. “But unfortunately our leaders and workers have been arrested here since morning. So, we’re holding a brief rally now.”
He alleged that police arrested around of their 50 leaders and activists centring the programme and demanded their immediate release.
The BNP leader also urged their party leaders and activists to peacefully leave the areas after the programme without taking out any rally.
But some BNP men brought out a procession towards Kakrail crossing after the end of the ‘peace rally’.
As police tried to obstruct the procession, BNP activists locked in the clash by throwing brickbats towards the cops.
At one stage, police charged batons on the BNP men and fired teargas canisters at them, leaving an unspecified number of people injured.