POST TIME: 12 October, 2021 12:16:03 AM / LAST MODIFIED: 12 October, 2021 08:23:39 AM
With cricket, for cricket
Staff Reporter, Dhaka

With cricket, for cricket

In this country, cricket is not only a sport item any more. Rather, the game with its sheer popularity and pure class has turned out to be the other name of emotion across the territory.

The enormous growth and performance of National Cricket are responsible for this. So any news regarding this game gets more attachment nowadays.

But there is almost no dedicated platform whose target is to spread news content with regard to Cricket across the country; news outlets think little about the emotional cricket fan who lives in remote village areas.

To spread love, passion and loyalty, an young entrepreneur Rabiul Alam had decided to put Bangladesh cricket on a higher ground among the fans through digitalization. Rabiul established the country's one of the most dedicated cricket portals - Daily Cricket.

An avid cricket fan himself, Rabiul loves writing about Cricket, talking about Cricket, and analyzing facts about a match or a series from his childhood. But he noticed that the source of learning or learning about this game is minimal.

As an online media portal, Daily Cricket (www.dailycricket.com.bd) has delivered regular cricket content to cricket fans worldwide since its inception back in 2017. Being one of the leading cricket news portals and a reputed social media platform, Daily Cricket has generated a massive buzz amongst the fans over the years as one of the most authentic and reliable cricket news and coverage sources.  

The Facebook page of Daily Cricket currently has over 1.7 million followers, while their website regularly gets in about 1.0 million visitors per month. These make it country one of the most popular sports portals for cricket fans. The way they publish writings has taken the game to a new level, connecting the cricket fans from all levels to keep them under a separate roof, beyond the horizons.

The Founder and CEO of Daily Cricket, Rabiul Alam, said, "I was always very passionate about Cricket, But I realize there is a lack of proper cricketing platform. That leads me to establish Daily Cricket. We don’t only serve the news, publish some typical blogs, but also hear from fans worldwide. We want to know how they think; we don’t want to keep the emotion of a fan locked in a cage.”

Being one of the biggest cricket platforms in the country, Daily Cricket has garnered love and respect from across the fans since it's inception and remains focused on its vision to become one of the leading cricket portals in the world with an added focus on Bangladesh cricket.