POST TIME: 27 September, 2021 07:35:14 PM / LAST MODIFIED: 28 September, 2021 12:25:18 PM
Dengue: 2 more die in Dhaka, 214 hospitalized in 24 hrs
UNB, Dhaka

Dengue: 2 more die in Dhaka, 214 hospitalized in 24 hrs

Dengue claimed two more lives in Dhaka city while  214 new patients were hospitalized across the country in 24 hours till Monday morning.

 With the latest figure, the number of fatalities from the mosquito-borne disease rose to 63 this year, said the Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS).
Among the new patients, 163 were undergoing hospital treatment in Dhaka while the remaining 51 cases were reported from outside the division, according to DGHS.
Some 989 patients diagnosed with dengue fever are receiving treatment in the country as of Monday morning.
Of them, 758 patients are receiving treatment at different hospitals in the capital while the remaining 231 were listed outside Dhaka.
Among the deceased, 58 died in Dhaka city alone, two each in Chattogram and Khulna divisions and one in Rajshahi.
Some 17,571 patients have been admitted to different hospitals with dengue since January.
So far, 16,519 dengue patients have left hospitals after recovery, said the DGHS.
The number of dengue patients hospitalized in a single day was the highest with 343 patients on September 7.
In the month of August the country recorded the highest number of 7,698 dengue cases of the current year.
In July, 2,286 people were diagnosed with dengue and 12 died while in June 272 cases were recorded with no deaths.