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Education needs to be reformed in a planned way
The new curriculum states that peer students will evaluate each other and it will be very helpful, but in that case the teacher must play a leading role. It is not possible to ensure quality education just by changing the textbooks.
Majhar Mannan

Education needs to be reformed in a planned way

It is not possible for any nation in the world to reach the pinnacle of progress without education and that education must be a pragmatic practitioner and conducive to a better life. A person can establish his own position through education, so he can play a supportive role for the society, the state and the family. Quality education helps a person to become truly proficient and at the same time teaches him how to contribute to the state and society.
Memorized and certificate based education system is not really useful in one's life but it becomes more and more burdensome in one's life and one cannot get rid of it. There are various weaknesses in the education system of Bangladesh and various steps are being taken by the government to get rid of those weaknesses but those steps must be timely, realistic and practical. There has been a long-standing memorization trend in the entire education system of Bangladesh and the government has taken various steps at different times to get out of it but it has not been fully implemented. This is the first time the government is going to bring radical change.
The government is going to present a new curriculum and this curriculum will bring a dramatic reform in education and textbooks will be changed and the teaching method will be easier and the interest in quality education will increase among the students. For a long time the students of our country have been trapped in the way of conventional and purposeful examinations but in new educational activities students will be able to come out of such examinations and it will be possible to teach them in real education through continuous assessment in the classroom. Textbooks have undergone various changes in the past but the students have not been able to reap the benefits of these changes as the influence of the guide books has increased so much that the students no longer pay attention to the original book.
Elementary students had to read a lot of books before and they were burdened with the burden of books and teaching which was really painful but their number of books in the new curriculum has decreased and at the same time their syllabus and examination pressure will decrease. However, it is not at all the case that students will become textbook oriented as soon as the textbook is changed as such experience is already there and in that case the opposite is true so in this case the authorities must proceed in a planned manner. Textbooks should be arranged in such a way that students do not have to rely on any other book or guidebook.
A question bank should be set up at the end of each chapter in the text book and the questions of the final or annual examination of the students must be prepared from within that question bank so that the students do not have to suffer any kind of harassment or rely on any other guidebook.
Students in our country prefer to rely on guidebooks, notebooks and coaching centres rather than textbooks because they do not really find any joy in the textbooks and they are not able to understand it due to all the incomprehensible words in the textbooks.
So the topics that will be discussed in the textbook should be done in a very easy and smooth way. The new curriculum focuses on continuous assessment of students and this is good news but this continuous assessment process should be done in such a way that students are forced to read their textbooks and they try to give up guidebooks. Creative exam questions need to be set up from the textbook so that students can easily realize that if they do not read the textbook they will not be able to answer the questions at all, so they will become more attentive to the textbook.
The new curriculum states that peer students will evaluate each other and it will be very helpful, but in that case the teacher must play a leading role. It is not possible to ensure quality education just by changing the textbooks. In this case, the learning and teaching method must be changed as there is still a best lecture method in our country from which teachers must come out. The content of the textbooks should be arranged in such a way that the students can create themselves as entrepreneurs after learning them and they should not suffer the curse of unemployment. The content of the textbook should be formulated in such a way that the students can develop themselves in a practical way and at the same time inculcate moral values in them.
If we look at the education system in the developed countries of the world, we see that after learning, students learn to create themselves as entrepreneurs, but in our country, we see a different picture. The main objective of the students of our country is to get a job by arranging or obtaining a certificate in order to save their life. We must get the students out of this tendency. According to NCTB sources, in the light of the new curriculum, there will be more analytical experience-based learning activities instead of memorizing textbooks from primary to secondary level, but to implement such work, the trend of coaching and guide books must be controlled.
Textbooks should be created in such a way that students find a reflection of their real life in their textbooks and the textbook becomes a source of joy for them otherwise all efforts will fail. According to our education system, every student has to study Bengali, English and Information Technology compulsorily, but in the new curriculum, they must study an integrated subject which will include Art, Culture, Literature, History and Mental Health. The new curriculum encourages a variety of co-curricular activities, including group work, sports poster exhibitions, learning activities, assignments, project assessment, continuous assessment of students, and it will undoubtedly be very helpful for students.
The new education curriculum speaks of a project-based learning approach, which is certainly a good thing, but to implement such a learning approach, the number of teachers must be increased because the number of students compared to teachers in our country is much higher. The long-running epidemic has created an education gap among students, and teachers must work harder to make up for the loss of students, as well as change the education curriculum. Those who work as craftsmen in the whole education system are teachers and these teachers must be skilled and qualified, experienced and dedicated because without these teachers it is not possible to ensure quality education.
As textbook content changes, teachers need to ensure appropriate training as those who teach must be trained in advance so that student can become entrepreneurs and not unemployed. The content of the textbook should be designed very carefully so that the students can complete most of the reading on their own and for the rest they rely on the teacher and not on the guide book. In order to ensure a quality and effective education system in a country, first of all, skilled teachers, quality textbooks and creative exam system are needed. An education system cannot be reformed overnight, but what is needed to reform the education system is coordination within education management and decentralization of education governance.
It is a matter of great regret that our education system has been over-commercialized. Those who want to do business with the education sector can never do the overall good of education so the education sector must be left in the hands of the educators so that the educators are able to organize the education sector in a truly planned way. There is a fierce competition among the students of our country to get higher marks in the exams but the students have to get out of it and teach them that they can make themselves as entrepreneurs by reading this textbook.
In order to improve the education system, teachers must be paid well because if a teacher is deprived of his salary, they will never be able to provide good and balanced education. Therefore, in addition to radical reform of textbooks, the authorities need to focus on bringing equality between teachers and students and ensuring teachers' salaries and increasing the capacity of the institution and the infrastructural development of the institution.

The writer is Assistant Professor, B A F Shaheen College, Kurmitola, Dhaka Cantonment.