POST TIME: 26 September, 2021 05:34:05 PM
Let your little girl look like a true princess
NDTV, New Delhi

Let your little girl look like a true princess

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Hair accessories may seem like a lot of effort, but it's a versatile accessory that can be used with different styles and hair lengths. So, hairbands are one accessory that is a popular accessory that is loved by all age groups.

However, floral hairbands are one that is loved most by the little girls. It makes them look more adorable in an instant. The variety of floral hairbands you come across today for them can leave you spoiled for choice. We give you a list of floral hairbands that will steal their hearts for sure.

Floral hairbands are what your little girl needs.

1. Cransh creations girls' floral hairband

This is a cute, floral hairband with elaborate flowers encrusted on it.

These headbands are made with soft and gentle material.

2. Babymoon girls' floral hairband

This is a stretchable hairband that comes with a big floral design.

These hairbands come with an elastic band that is adjustable and fits as your little girl ages too.

3. Amazon brand - solimo girls' floral hairband

This hairband features a simple, floral design in pastel colours.

This floral hairband is perfect for adding sass to your girl's outfit.

4. Gadin fashion girls' floral hairband

With big, elaborate, coloured florals, this band creates volume.

It comes with a flannelette beneath to prevent the band from slipping.

5. El regalo girls' floral hairband

This hairband comes with a bunch of florals clustered together and embellished with pearl-like stones.

These headbands have excellent elasticity and are made with soft material.