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Veteran cricket coach Jalal Ahmed Chowdhury departs
UNB, Dhaka

Veteran cricket coach Jalal Ahmed Chowdhury departs

Veteran cricket coach and journalist Jalal Ahmed Chowdhury passed away at a hospital in Dhaka on Tuesday morning. He was 67.

Jalal had been suffering from lung infection and respiratory problems.

On Friday, Jalal was put on a ventilator after his condition worsened at Anwar Khan Modern Hospital, where had been admitted since September 14.

He died this morning, general secretary of the Cricketers Welfare Association of Bangladesh Debabrata Paul told UNB.

Jalal was first admitted to the hospital in early September. He returned home after undergoing treatment for some days.

But on September 14, he complained of discomfort and breathing difficulties, and was rushed to the hospital again.

Jalal was a domestic cricketer during the 70s and 80s. He played for several clubs. As a coach, he inspired many youngsters to take up cricket as a career.

He wrote for many Bengali and English publications.