POST TIME: 12 September, 2021 08:05:03 PM
OPPO A16 with side-mounted fingerprint sensor
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OPPO A16 with side-mounted fingerprint sensor

Gone are those days when smartphone brands used to place a big home button at the bottom of the smartphones’ displays so that the users can position their thumb on it to get access to their phones.

Times have changed, so has technology. Different smartphone companies including OPPO has leaned towards new technology to allow more freedom, convenience and comfort to their users when it comes to fingerprint unlock system. The latest technology in this regard is the side-mounted fingerprint sensor. 

Side-mounted fingerprint unlock is a system that offers the users the convenience of getting access to their phones without taking the trouble of reaching out for the lock sensor and holding the phone upright. In comparison to a rear fingerprint sensor, the side fingerprint unlock is more convenient and comfortable as it allows freedom to the users. 

Using this feature, the users can unlock their phones when it is lying flat on their desk. Especially when you are working in your office or simply from home, this feature will come in handy. We often find ourselves so immersed in multiple tasks that it is quite a hassle to pick up the phone from your desk/table and then reach out for the unlock button holding the phone straight to your face. With the side-mounted fingerprint sensor in your phone, the users can hold it in a way that feels most comfortable to them. This feature has the potential to alter the whole dynamics of your ergonomics as well. 

It also makes the whole appearance of the phone simpler and more high-end as the power button doubles as the fingerprint sensor, creating a stronger sense of a unified whole. 

Smartphone aficionados looking for such a handy feature should keep an eye on the release of OPPO A16 as this phone is facilitated with side-mounted fingerprint unlock, where up to 5 fingerprints are supported. Face recognition is also supported while the capacitive fingerprint unlock time of this phone is only 200-300 ms. With this feature, unlocking is all the more elegant and easeful. 

Xuchang Wu, Product Manager of A16, shared, "Technology has advanced and is making our lives more convenient. Smartphone makers are also integrating top-notch features nowadays. One such feature is a side-mounted fingerprint unlock sensor. Users having this feature in their smartphones will find the experience of using a phone all the smoother and hassle-free as you can unlock your phone even while keeping it flat on the table."

In addition to this, OPPO A16 will come equipped with MediaTek Helio G35 octa-core processor, 3GB RAM, 32GB ROM, a screen refresh rate of 60 HZ, a touch sampling rate of 120 HZ and a side-mounted fingerprint unlock sensor.

Coming with a 6.5-inch water-drop display, this phone features a massive 5000 mAh battery and AI Triple Camera setup along with an 8MP selfie camera to enable the users to explore new horizons. For the tech-savvy youth, OPPO A16 is also available in another variant with 4GB RAM in Bangladesh, read a media release.