POST TIME: 24 August, 2021 01:40:58 PM
vivo phones with multi turbo features for gaming enthusiasts
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vivo phones with multi turbo features for gaming enthusiasts

The gaming industry has been on the rise and continues to expand at a rapid pace. With the growing popularity of gaming trends among the youth, vivo recognizes the needs and preferences of customers and is revolutionizing gaming smartphones with its multi-turbo feature available in the V and Y series to suit the lifestyles of gaming enthusiasts and young, tech-savvy users, says a media release. 

Whether it’s FIFA, Ludo, or PUBG, gaming isn’t fun unless it’s a smooth, no-lag experience without the battery draining or the device heating up, and that is where the Multi-Turbo feature comes in handy. Multi-Turbo is a series of boosters for the software and hardware that stop phones from freezing and keep things moving even when the system is under heavy load. It maximizes the phone’s ability to handle heavy tasks, delivering a seamless, immersive gaming experience. It also combines all the best Turbo settings in one, making it truly irresistible for today's Millennial and Gen Z gamers. 

It includes AI Turbo- Boosts app speeds to eliminate lag and ensure smoother gameplay. Game Turbo- Enables long playtime needed for games like PUBG. On the other hand Center Turbo- Optimizes CPU and internal storage to eliminate stutters and freezes, and Cooling Turbo- Protects your phone's CPU from overheating and regulates the temperature even during heavy streaming sessions. 

Let’s see how best you can use the multi-turbo feature in various vivo smartphones:

vivo Y53s

The latest Y53s comes with exclusive Multi-Turbo 5.0 that optimizes core scenes to reduce stutters and lag in games. It is also engineered to allocate and prioritize CPU and internal storage resources. 

vivo V20

The V20 boasts a newly updated Ultra Game Mode that exposes the comprehensive features by bringing shortcut functions in the phone like an inward sliding option. It enables background calls while supporting hands-free and hides floating notification alerts to avoid any disturbance during gameplay. 

vivo Y50

Multi-Turbo 3.0 on the Y50 uses the industry's first VPG (vivo Process Guardian) technology, Center Turbo schedules core system resources for maximum speed, and AI Turbo makes intelligent judgments. It predicts system abnormalities caused by third-party apps in advance and improves speed via intelligent scheduling. 

vivo Y12s

Multi-Turbo 3.0 in Y12s enhances gaming performance via memory optimization, ensuring that you get only the best gaming experience. 

vivo Y20 (2021)

In Y20 (2021), Multi-Turbo 3.0 includes a Center Turbo that works at the system’s base level and an AI Turbo that predicts and resolves system abnormalities before they happen. From better network performance and rapid cooling to smooth AI functions and gameplay, the user experience is now more exhilarating than ever. 

The multi-turbo feature is a game-changer, elevating the user experience for all gamers by delivering immersive and seamless gameplay. What else does a gamer want?