POST TIME: 28 July, 2021 07:52:45 PM
Govt gives top priority to protection of people's lives: Quader
BSS, Dhaka

Govt gives top priority to protection of people's lives: Quader

Awami League General Secretary Obaidul Quader today said the government has given the optimum priority to protecting the lives of the people from the deadly coronavirus infection.

“In Bangladesh, the COVID-19 infection rate is higher than that of neighbouring India. In such a reality, the government has given the highest priority to protecting the lives of the people from coronavirus,” he told a press conference at his official residence here.

Calling upon the country's all political parties to do politics for people amid the ongoing bleak situation, Quader said: “From your respective positions, cooperate with the government to prevent coronavirus infections apart from creating awareness among the people irrespective of their party and thoughts.”  

He said the people’s livelihoods will not yield any benefit if their lives could not be protected. “Although many people demand easing lockdown, saving the lives of all must be given priority,” he added.

“That's why we should remember that the COVID-19 situation is getting worse day by day due to negligence of many people. If this trend continues, an unexpected disastrous situation may emerge,” he added.

Quader, also the road transport and bridges minister, urged the country's people to keep trust in the decisions taken by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, as per the advice of experts, to protect the lives of people.

Noting that the government has put emphasis on vaccination alongside ensuring proper health guidelines aiming to prevent the high infections, he said there is no crisis of vaccine in the country, while the vaccine roadmap has been finalised to ensure the required COVID-19 jabs for the people.

“In any disaster or crisis, the country’s people keep confidence in the leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina,” the AL general secretary said, adding: “The prime minister has been working round the clock to fulfill the expectations of the people.”

Due to the Prime Minister's visionary decisions, the country's macro-economy is in a better position than other countries, he said.

Quader asked the rich people of society to stand by the helpless people during the ongoing crisis.

Terming the Awami League a big political party, he said many times the intruders in the party get involved in controversial works and organistional actions are being taken against them.

The Sheikh Hasina government and the Awami League have already taken tougher stance against irregularities and corruption, the AL general secretary said, adding that the graft cases against many lawmakers of the ruling party are under investigation, while many got convicted.

The AL never tolerates any irregularity or graft and it will continue this stance in the future too, he added.

Claiming that all units of the AL are playing an active role amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Quader said all organisational decisions of the party are being implemented from the centre to the grassroots.

He said the AL sub-committees and its affiliated organisations are working relentlessly too.