POST TIME: 21 June, 2021 11:57:44 PM
Non government teachers are in dire straits
Non-government teachers do not receive any grant from the government like government and MPO enlisted teachers and they rely entirely on tuition free of students.
Majhar Mannan

Non government teachers are in dire straits

All educational institutions in the country have been closed for the last 15 months due to corona pandemic and non government teachers are in dire straits. Government and MPO enlisted teachers are getting regular salaries but non-government teachers are deprived of that salary and they are now in trouble. Many non-government teachers have already quit their jobs and are engaged in various occupations. Non-government teachers are already living inhumane lives and going through unbearable pain due to non-receipt of desired salary from the institution. There are about 1.5 million government teachers in the country and most of them are in dire straits now and if the educational institutions are not opened they will be in even worse condition. There are many non-government educational institutions in the country that have started paying half the salaries of their teachers and some institutions have already stopped paying their teachers completely. Non-government teachers do not receive any grant from the government like government and MPO enlisted teachers and they rely entirely on tuition free of students. Due to the closure of educational institutions for a long time, the teachers of non-government institutions are not able to collect tuition fees from the students on time, as a result of which they are being deprived of their salaries. Again, private universities are not able to admit any students in the first year of honours, which is increasing their financial pressure and they are failing to pay the teachers' salaries in full. There are about 65,000 kindergartens in the country and the salaries of the teachers are paid by that institution. But many kindergartens have already closed due to the closure of educational institutions for a long time and many teachers have quit their jobs and are now living inhumane lives, even some of them are working as day labourers. In recent times, coronavirus attacks have increased again and at the same time the death rate is increasing. As the spread of coronavirus is increasing day by day, the government is not daring to take the risk of opening educational institutions. But covid-19 virus is a virus that cannot be eradicated overnight so a master plan must be taken to reopen the institution otherwise the teachers will face more danger.

The government has shown a lot of sincerity in considering the condition of non-government teachers and twice they have been given some allocation but what has been given is very insufficient for them. Non-government teachers who live in urban areas have to pay house rent regularly and pay other bills but they are unable to do so due to lack of salary. Non-government teachers are already beginning to suffer from financial hardship as well as various kinds of mental anguish. In this time of corona pandemic, it is not at all easy for teachers to choose another profession and make a living, so they are dreaming about when the educational institution will open and when they will see a little prosperity. Initiatives and steps have been taken by various educational institutions and the government to run online class programmes, but even these unpaid non-government teachers are losing interest in those online activities day by day. There are a lot of non-government teachers in the country who get a small salary from their educational institutions and at the same time they make their living by doing private tuition. But due to the closure of educational institutions, the field of private tuition of these teachers is shrinking day by day and now it can be said that there is no private tuition. Meanwhile, the government wants to open the educational institution together by ensuring the vaccination process of students and teachers, but it will take enough time to that.
And it is not possible to keep the educational institution closed until it takes enough time for the students and teachers to complete the vaccination process as it will cause more losses to the teachers, students, parents and the whole country. If the educational institution is reopened, the spread of coronavirus is likely to increase a lot and if the educational institution is closed for a long time, the students, teachers, parents and the whole country will suffer a great loss. It is actually dilemma and if we want to get out of this dilemma, a precise and master plans are needed on an emergency basis. Corona delta variants are already spreading in different parts of the country and even in the capital delta variants have already been identified which poses a new threat. Coronary immunization camps can be set up at various educational institutions and students and teachers can be vaccinated there in a short period of time.

Many experts believe that it is possible to continue this vaccination program by opening educational institution and that it will definitely be beneficial. No specific survey has yet been conducted on how the people associated with the educational institution are spending their days, but it is easy to assume that the teachers, parents and students involved in the educational institution are having a really hard time. Teachers who are paid regularly are in a better position but it is time to really think about how the families of those who are not paid regularly. 

If it is not possible to open educational institution in any way due to the corona epidemic, the government should think differently for non-government teachers and increase the amount of grants for them. Again, the allocation made in the education sector in this year's budget is not enough.

Of all the sectors in the country, the education sector is in the worst condition during this corona pandemic. Education experts are offering a variety of opinions and suggestions for the gradual opening of educational institutions and at the same time they are expecting specific guidelines from the government on how to keep the educational institutions operational. The gap between students and teachers is widening due to the closure of educational institutions and its negative effects are already beginning to be felt. Educational institutions should be opened gradually and to a limited extent and this will definitely bring back the vitality between the teachers and the students and other issues including the livelihood of the teachers will continue to run smoothly.

The writer is Assistant Professor, B A F Shaheen College, Kurmitola, Dhaka Cantonment.