POST TIME: 21 June, 2021 06:50:34 PM / LAST MODIFIED: 22 June, 2021 12:15:03 PM
Germany to provide EUR 339.54 to Bangladesh under two deals
UNB, Dhaka

Germany to provide EUR 339.54 to Bangladesh under two deals

Germany will provide EUR 339.54 million or approximately Tk 3463.3 crore technical and financial cooperation support to Bangladesh for development projects in various sectors.

Bangladesh and Germany on Sunday signed the financial and technical agreements on development cooperation, said the German Embassy in Dhaka on Monday.

The cooperation under the agreements will take place in the areas of renewable energy and energy efficiency (EUR237.5 million EUR), sustainable urban development (EUR 30 million EUR), good governance (EUR 5.5 million), displacement and migration (EUR 19 million), training and sustainable growth for decent jobs, (EUR42.5 million EUR) and protection of biodiversity (EUR 5.04 million).

Following the negotiations of the two governments, the available amount totalling EUR 339.54 million (approx. Tk 3463.3 crore) has been allocated with EUR47.04 million for technical cooperation and EUR 292.5million for financial cooperation.

Fatima Yasmin, secretary at Economic Relations Divisions and Peter Fahrenholtz, Ambassador of Germany to Bangladesh, signed the agreements on behalf of the two governments.

The signing ceremony was attended by high officials from the German Embassy in Dhaka, the German Development Bank KfW, the German technical cooperation agencies GIZ and BGR, as well as from  Bangladesh government.

“We are glad to continue our support for the Bangladeshi success story,” the German ambassador said.