POST TIME: 7 June, 2021 08:39:42 AM
COVID-19: Brazil set to produce 8m doses of Sputnik V
UNB/TASS, Moscow

COVID-19: Brazil set to produce 8m doses of Sputnik V

Brazil plans to produce about eight million doses of Russia’s Sputnik V COVID-19 vaccine, which could be exported to Latin American nations, Brazil’s Ambassador to Russia Tovar da Silva Nunes told reporters on Saturday.

"As you know, we have already started the production of Sputnik V in Brazil, so I think we will be able to use it in Brazil to the amounts that is allowed, but also to provide for other countries as export. For example, there is an area where Brazil could sell, that is Latin America," the diplomat said. "So I think once the production is put forward in June and July, as I think we will have, as I heard from Uniao Quimica (Brazil’s pharmaceutical company), at least eight million doses a month that will be put available to the market."

Russia was the world’s first nation to register its coronavirus vaccine on August 11, 2020. The vaccine was named Sputnik V. Brazil has become the 67th nation to approve the use of Sputnik V. Its 91.6% efficacy was confirmed by the publication of data in The Lancet, a world-acclaimed medical journal.