POST TIME: 10 April, 2021 02:28:20 PM / LAST MODIFIED: 10 April, 2021 05:47:07 PM
Akram Khan tests positive for Covid-19
UNB, Dhaka

Akram Khan tests positive for Covid-19

 Former Bangladesh captain and current director of Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) Akram Khan has tested positive for Covid-19.  He is currently in home isolation.

Sources close to Akram’s family told UNB that the former skipper was suffering from Covid-19 symptoms for the past few days and hence got himself tested.

Akram also told a local media outlet that he decided to undergo the Covid-19 test after experiencing symptoms of coronavirus.

“I have been suffering from cold and throat pain for the past few days, and hence got myself tested. Currently, I’m in home isolation. Other members of my family will undergo the Covid-19 test on Saturday," he said.

Due to an unprecedented surge in Covid-19 cases in recent weeks, BCB has put on hold the remaining matches of the National Cricket League (NCL).

Although the government enforced a 7-day lockdown from Monday, people have been moving around freely, posing risks of more transmission. The government has hinted at imposing a complete lockdown from April 14.