POST TIME: 4 March, 2021 06:39:24 PM
How drones are changing the conventional military system
Due to the rapid development of drone technology, many countries that are lagging behind militarily have started to rise to the top. Drones are rapidly bridging the gap between the powerful and the less powerful countries.
Md. Tareq Hasan

How drones are changing the conventional military system

Drones have become essential in any war in the coming days, including the sky war. Drone technology is going to bring a new dimension to the battlefield. The conventional war system is changing. Due to the overwhelming success of drones in the last few wars, all countries are being forced to change their military tactics. Drone technology is going to be an integrated or integral part of naval, air and ground forces. Due to drone technology, many of the most powerful weapons, huge investments and training could soon become useless. All calculations of the next day's war may change. Recently, Al Jazeera report shows us how the war is changing because of drones.

Disaster is inevitable if a country with conventional weapons, no matter how strong, cannot resist the enemy's drone attacks in war. Examples have already been seen. Despite having strong air defenses, drone strikes cannot be stopped. Due to the rapid development of drone technology, many countries that are lagging behind militarily have started to rise to the top. Drones are rapidly bridging the gap between the powerful and the less powerful countries.

Currently, drones are the first choice of all countries on the battlefield. Military and commercial drones are widely used by various power and non-state groups inside and outside the state. The widespread use and availability of military drones by state and non-state groups has become a major concern for many powerful countries.

Drones have been an essential part of the wars that have taken place around the world over the past few years. The availability of drones and their widespread use has added a new dimension to the current combat system. Military drones have been used in target killing missions for the last 20 years. The United States has been conducting drone strikes against Al Qaeda in remote areas of Pakistan and Afghanistan. Turkey has recently used drones extensively in several major wars. Turkey's success in using drones in the wars in Syria, Libya and most recently Armenia and Azerbaijan has become a topic of discussion around the world.

The Armenia-Azerbaijan war has shown how conventional warfare has changed. How drones have become important in modern warfare.

Drones have now become an essential part of the war plans of all countries in the world.  The world is focusing on drone technology as well as conventional expensive weapons. Drones are much more effective at cheaper prices than conventional expensive weapons. The situation is such that without drone technology, the success of the war in many cases has become impossible for a strong country, because, if the opponent's drone attack cannot be resisted, disaster is inevitable.

Many countries have advanced air defense systems but they are ineffective in drone technology because these powerful missile systems are capable of hitting very high and large targets. Powerful missile systems cannot deter small targets, such as drones, from flying low. Again, many drones are not caught in the radar system of the opponent. Moreover, many drones are made of different non-metal objects.

On September 14, 2020, the US missile system failed to stop an attack on Saudi Arabia's oil fields. Russia's air base in Syria has a strong air defense system, but drone strikes have not been stopped. As a result, the reason for the concern of all countries in the air defense system now is to prevent drone attacks or to invent anti-drone systems.

The United States and Israel have long been working together to develop an anti-drone system. Israel has already developed a new anti-drone system called Drone Dome. This new system can make the opponent's drone useless by creating jams or destroying it by laser. These new counter drones can be mounted on small trucks, Land Rovers or other vehicles. The range of this drone is more than three kilometers.

Powerful countries, including less powerful countries, see non-state group military drones as a major threat. As a result, they have no choice but to innovate the counter drone system. Drones are no longer limited to inspections, intelligence and specific killing missions, but are becoming an integral part of artillery trunks. Due to the high efficiency and low cost of the drone, no one has the opportunity to ignore it.

The advantage of military drones over conventional warplanes is that they are cheaper to build but close to conventional powerful warplanes. Moreover, if the drone crashes or is destroyed by the enemy, there is no question of the death of the pilot and will be saved from the destruction of the most expensive warplane.

In addition to the United States, China, Israel and Turkey are currently producing powerful military drones. These countries are exporting large quantities of military drones and drone technology to various countries.  In 2019, different countries have sold 10 and a half billion dollars worth of drones. In 2027 it could rise to 24 billion. Currently, various countries have about 30,000 military drones. 2 million enlisted in the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration in 2019. China's DJ I has the most drones in the world market.

Due to the widespread success of drone technology, many fear that countries that are currently very strong in conventional weapons may become largely ineffective. Drones and drone technology will become important with these conventional weapons considering the quality of military power. As a result, due to the improvement of drones, many backward countries can move forward militarily. Thus drone technology is soon going to play the role of creating equality.

On the other hand, non-state groups or organizations have become a threat to different states. Drone and rocket attacks by various groups in Iraq, Syria and Yemen have devastated many large countries. The latest Huthi group in Yemen has had significant success in using drones. Unlike non-state groups such as the Houthis, Saudi Arabia is a very powerful country, but the Houthis are able to use drones to attack many important installations, including Saudi Arabia's oil fields.

Saudi Arabia is forced to rein in the war in Yemen due to the threat of drone strikes by non-state groups. Saudi Arabia fears attack on key installations in Yemen. Saudi Arabia knows that if it does, it will retaliate, which it will not be able to prevent.

Cheap, easy and highly effective drone technology has created an exclusive buzz on the battlefield where conventional weapons and conventional tactics require huge investment and rigorous training.

Fifteen years ago, Improvised Explosive Devices were a major threat to many countries and populated areas of the world. This device could also be used to detonate from a great distance with just a mobile phone. And now, thanks to drone technology, this device can be flown and thrown anywhere. And these tiny drones are often difficult to detect and destroy in the sky.

Concerns have been raised about the use of drones for a variety of purposes, including military, civilian, commercial and recreational use. Many countries consider military and commercial drones as a threat to their security because commercial drones can be easily modified and explosives can be added. These low-cost drones can also be used to carry out large-scale attacks on military and civilian installations.

Drones are now a global concern in the overall security system, including the military. Many countries, including Israel and Russia, are worried. Many experts in the United States are advising to stop investing heavily in conventional weapons systems and to focus on drones and hypersonic missile systems.

The writer is a student of Rajshahi University. E-mail: [email protected]