POST TIME: 16 January, 2021 11:01:41 PM
Maintenance dredging work underway at Payra port
Payra to add new dimension to country's foreign trade: State Minister for Shipping
UNB, Patuakhali

Maintenance dredging work underway at Payra port

 Work to maintain a depth of 6.3 meters in the Rabnabad Channel of Payra Port was launched by the Chattogram Port Authority on Saturday.

State Minister for Shipping Khalid Mahmud Chowdhury inaugurated the maintenance dredging project.

"Payra Port will be an assisting power for our economic growth in 2035. South’s economy will accelerate centering the Payra Port and this dredging project will contribute to that," said the state minister.

"Capital dredging project is to start alongside the maintenance dredging one. That will increase the navigability and merchant vessels with 10.5 meter draft will be able to dock in Payra Port on a regular basis. Which will allow a large number of foreign vessels to arrive, adding a new dimension to country's foreign trade," added Khalid Mahmud.

Around 9.75 million cubic meter of slit will be excavated from the inner and outer channel of 75 Km long and 100-125 meter wide Rabnabad in this project. The dredging project will cost Tk 437.70 crores and to be completed within 18 months. The project will be financed from Payra Port's own fund donated by the Chattogram Port Authority. 

The CPA is hopeful this project will ensure transit of foreign merchant vessels meanwhile creating job opportunities and increasing revenue income, ultimately accelerating economic growth.

On 17th December, 2020 a contract was signed between Payra Port authority and a Belgium-based dredging company ‘Jan de nul’ to implement the urgent maintenance project. Payra Port is one of the prioritized projects by the government of Bangladesh. Already construction of the port's first terminal is in full-flow and establishment of the service jetty is in process. Construction work of connecting roads and a bridge over the Andharmanik River will start soon.