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Nora Fatehi ups style in stunning sequined gown
NDTV, New Delhi

Nora Fatehi ups style in stunning sequined gown

With the start of the New Year and resolutions being the norm, we are resolute to never have a dull moment this year. Onwards and upwards in 2021, we're sure to have a showstopping moment each time we enter a room.

We take cues from Nora Fatehi for that. Nora Fatehi's mesh glam maxi dress is one for the keeps for our never ending party state of mind.

Sometimes all you need is a subdued yet statement sparkly dress to get you in the groove and Nora Fatehi's maxi dress sure does that. Nora Fatehi completes her look with some old Hollywood style curls and muted makeup to make her gorgeous outfit stand out. Whether you have a party to attend or not, Nora Fatehi's stunning outfit is perfect to even hit the living room in.

Lace has a delicate flair to it which gives an elegant look to any outfit. A lace gown like Nora Fatehi's is a gorgeous pick for all seasons and occasions. From brunch to dinner dates, a lace dress can tick all the boxes for being a fuss-free fit which is low on effort and high on style. These lace dresses are instant favourites and you'll see why we say so.

We're sure a floral gown like Nora Fatehi's is the perfect excuse to our hands on a floral gown as well. Nora Fatehi's halter neck floral gown is prettier than any garden. Bright colours and large prints are sure to stick around this season and we hope we only see more of it. Whether it is a luncheon or even a bridal shower, floral gowns are the prettiest options you can think of.