POST TIME: 21 December, 2020 01:12:39 PM / LAST MODIFIED: 22 December, 2020 11:33:52 AM
Play Meena Game 2, Meena in 3D for the first time ever!
Staff Reporter, Dhaka

Play Meena Game 2, Meena in 3D for the first time ever!

United Nations Children's Fund's (UNICEF) nine-year-old girl and cartoon character from South Asia 'Meena' who loves to brave all the odds is back again as the game version at the end of 2020. 

For the first time, gamers can play the game with her in a full 3D environment. 

This time, the game is based on an entirely new story.

In the game, Meena takes care of her mother and younger sister (the newborn Rani), which can be seen in the next levels of the game. In this wonderful game, besides Meena, we'll see Her father, grandmother, Raju, pet bird Mithu and many other characters.

The game touches on the social problems of pregnant mothers and newborns in society. In this new story, Meena presents users with social development ways for expectant mothers' and newborn care.

UNICEF Bangladesh wanted to turn those problems into playable games. 

This year, UNICEF continues to connect to children with this game.

In fact, it is another step to match their expectations. The game's story and graphics are so beautiful that gamers will have fun playing the game with around 40 different characters. Users will be able to play the game offline as well. The developer of this game is Riseup Labs.

Ershadul Hoque, CEO of the company said, "We think it's a pleasure to convey the right information to users through games."

So, from all angles, gamers of all ages are going to play a new adventure game.

The game has already been released on Google Play Store and App Store. Users only need to download and enjoy. It could be a great game at the end of the year. Download Meena Game 2 from here.