POST TIME: 25 November, 2020 12:53:10 PM / LAST MODIFIED: 25 November, 2020 02:13:28 PM
Govt pledge-bound to build safer society for women, girls: FM
UNB, Dhaka

Govt pledge-bound to build safer society for women, girls: FM

Foreign Minister Dr AK Abdul Momen on Wednesday said the government of Bangladesh, with visionary woman leader Sheikh Hasina at the helm, is pledge-bound to build a safer society for women and girls.

"We consider sexual violence against women a social evil. Therefore, its prevention requires a “whole of society approach” involving men, boys, youths, families, and parents," he said in a message marking the 'International Day of Eliminating Violence Against Women'.

Dr Momen said it is the responsibility of all, specially men, to come forward to end violence against women.

He said sexual violence against women is an affront to the whole of humanity.

Unfortunately, he said, no country of the world is immune of this scourge.

The government of Bangladesh maintains a strong position against all forms of sexual violence against women and has adopted a multi-pronged strategy to counter this menace through socio-economic, legal, and technological interventions, said the Foreign Minister.

Economic independence of women leads to their empowerment which, in return, provides security from violence.

"Therefore, the Government of Bangladesh has taken various measures to integrate women into economic activities. Today, more women are engaged in workforce like RMG, agriculture, industries and other service sectors," he said.

On the legislative side, Dr Momen said they have enacted stringent laws with the provision of the highest possible punishment. "Efforts have been stepped up for implementation of the existing laws."

Reaping the benefit of digital tools such as toll-free hotlines, mobile tracking apps, the government has been trying to extend immediate support to the victims of violence, he said.