POST TIME: 17 November, 2020 01:15:04 PM
Huawei holds 11th Global Mobile Broadband Forum
Staff Reporter, Dhaka

Huawei holds 11th Global Mobile Broadband Forum

The 11th Global Mobile Broadband Forum (MBBF) has concluded recently in Shanghai, China. The ICT product and solution leader, Huawei, has gathered global carriers, industry chain partners, vertical leaders, and research organisations together at this open online forum to discuss the possibilities of 5G and share its insight on the industry trends and how innovation in new technology can accelerate an intelligent world, says a press release.

According to the media release, on the first day of the forum, Ryan Ding, Executive Director and President of the Carrier Business Group, Huawei, gave his keynote speech titled ‘Maximizing Wireless Network Value for a Golden Decade of 5G’.

Ding said that the coming decade will be a golden age for 5G’s progress around the world and that the whole industry must have faith in 5G, build the best 5G networks, and make the most of them for shared value. 

5G is developing much faster than previous generations. There are currently more than 100 commercial 5G networks worldwide, and leading carriers are already benefitting from 5G data plans. However, to further develop 5G and encourage more people to embrace 5G, carriers need to build the best 5G networks possible. The telecom sector needs to provide fundamental network capabilities, highly reliable network services, and flexible networking solutions necessary for industrial 5G applications to meet these diverse needs.

The telecom sector will also need to make improvements from end to end, ranging from network planning, construction, maintenance, and optimisation to operations. This will help reduce the costs of deploying industry applications. Ding emphasized that developing industrial 5G applications is an industry-wide effort, rather than just carriers’ responsibility. Accelerating this development is only possible when telecommunications integrates with other industries.

At the 11th Global Mobile Broadband Forum, Huawei has shared insights into global industry trends and hot topics with carriers, regulators, partners, and media analysts from around the world. They explored how innovation in ICT technologies such as 5G and AI can be mutually beneficial to industries and society at large, the media release added.