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The future of Bangladesh is bright indeed!
Incidents of rape, kidnap and murder have increased. From children to old women, from young girls to women, no one is getting rid of these rapist monsters. After all these years of independence, this violence against women can never be accepted
Dr. Forqan Uddin Ahmed

The future of Bangladesh is bright indeed!

What will be the position of future Bangladesh? Is it possible to survive with dignity? The country was stricken with dengue last year. This year, its fear with Covid-19 is certainly not over. Again, a terrible flood struck. People are facing calamities one after another. But there are some dangers that will hold us back. Many people are already unemployed, and a large part of those who have jobs are not getting paid properly. They are living hand to mouth. Small capital is disappearing and a section of people remain unfed. Trimming from workplaces will increase further. Our hardworking brothers will return from abroad. Small tradesmen have lost business. There is no job demand for people in the informal sector. Those who came to the city in search of livelihood, they are going back to the village in groups, but they did not come to the city because there is no work in the village for maintaining their livelihood.

An independent Bangladesh was born on 16 December 1971 with the victory in the Great War of Liberation. We got today's Bangladesh by the blood of 3 million martyrs and the honour of 2 lakh women under the leadership of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, the father of the greatest Bengali nation of all time. In 2021, we will celebrate 50 years of independence. These 49 years have not been easy. The great Bengali nation has faced many obstacles, calamities and disasters. But in these so many years of independence, how much have we actually achieved as a nation? This question arises in everyone's mind. How is this Bangladesh actually going so far! In order to find this, we have to discuss the current situation in Bangladesh. With the present we shall have to evaluate the past and fix the future thinking. With all these years of independence, the amount of corruption in this country was supposed to decrease. But we are noticing that corruption is now spreading all over our country in the form of an epidemic. Corruption is everywhere. Nowadays, solving any task in a smooth way has become a difficult task.

Incidents of rape, kidnap and murder have increased. From children to old women, from young girls to women, no one is getting rid of these rapist monsters. After all these years of independence, this violence against women can never be accepted. It has grown even more for the culture of rape unpunished. By abusing power, some human-like animals are doing these heinous deeds. Questions have been raised about the freedom of women in independent Bangladesh. But the hope is that the government has passed a law in the cabinet with the maximum death penalty for rape. The law came into force on October 13 through a presidential ordinance. Hopefully at least the number of rape will decrease now. However, the trials of rape cases also need to be implemented quickly. The new law provides for the trial of these cases within six months. There has also been an increase in kidnappings, murders and extrajudicial killings, which is never desirable. The transition from this condition must take place. The number of extrajudicial killings should be reduced to zero. Otherwise, no person in the country will be able to enjoy the benefits of freedom in the true sense.

Unemployment problem is increasing day by day. In the 49 years of independence, our country was supposed to be more developed. The number of unemployed members should have been negligible now, for we've been passing a long time. If these are not used properly, young people today would have to suffer. They have passed earned their bachelor degrees from different universities and remain unemployed. Their families are also in trouble for them. Suicides are also happening regularly. We have to overcome this situation. We have to create self-employment opportunities in the country. The doors of different professions have to be opened. No profession is small. This professional inequality is evident in our society. As a result, young people are sitting in the hope of a so-called good job. And the problem of unemployment is increasing. Freelancer's online job is currently very popular. Many young people are coming here now. This is also a potential workplace. The prime minister has also directed to include it as a profession. So this field needs to be further developed in the future. Moreover, importance should be given to technical education.

A lot of development work is being done in Bangladesh during the tenure of the present government. It was supposed to happen much earlier. But as a result of continuous change of government, there has not been much visible development in this country before. However, the current Awami League government has been doing a lot of work for three consecutive terms. Padma Bridge, Dhaka metrorail projet, Karnafuli tunnel, numerous flyovers, infrastructure, road renovations, new road works and many more are underway. At present a lot of investment is also coming in this country. China, Japan and many other countries have become partners in a lot of development work. This is certainly news of hope. The more development work is done in a country, the more the standard of living of that country will increase. The continuity of the government is also very important for development. If the development environment that has been created in present day Bangladesh continues, we will soon get the status of a developed country.

One of the most important issues in present day Bangladesh is the Rohingya problem. More than 12 lakh Rohingyas have taken refuge in our country due to persecution in Myanmar. The current government opened the border considering the humanitarian aspect. The world community had raised their voice that they would negotiate with Myanmar as soon as possible to ensure the safe return of the Rohingya. But we do not see any real example of that. Rather day by day this problem is getting more complicated. Rohingyas are constantly getting involved in various criminal activities. It is a regular phenomenon that terrorist activities are going on. They are also committing serious crimes like making fake identity cards of Bangladesh. The UN needs to take more drastic steps to settle this issue.

Now is the time to move on and to take steps on how to make the future more secure. In 2021, that is, next year, we will celebrate the golden jubilee of independence. After going through many ups and downs, the heroic Bengalis will celebrate the 50th anniversary of their independent Bengal. At this time we have to make a realistic plan to correct all the mistakes of the past. And we need to be inspired by the golden achievements of the past. Keeping pace with the times, Bangladesh has to be presented as a developed country in the world. For this, corruption must be eradicated from this country. The future of Bangladesh will be a safe haven for development and young generation. The heroism of the glorious Bengali nation will spread to all corners of the world. Bengali civilization will triumph. 2021 will be one of the most important years for our Bengali nation. Hunger, poverty free Bangladesh is the expectation of all of us. Under the able leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina we are hopeful of getting a self-reliant Bangladesh. In future, Bangladesh could withstand all oppositions and cloudy situations.

The writer is former Deputy Director General, Bangladesh Ansar & VDP.