POST TIME: 18 November, 2019 00:00 00 AM
Bangladesh becomes WSA member

Bangladesh becomes WSA member

Bangladesh has become a member of the World Sports Alliance (WSA), an organization of the United Nations, when a MoU was signed between the Ministry for Youth and Sports and the WSA.

The signing ceremony was held yesterday at the Ministry for Youth and Sports when Zahid Ahsan Russel, State Minister for Youth and Sports and  Prof Zahid Haque, senior advisor of the WSA of the Asia Pacific Region signed on behalf of the respective parties. Sports Secretary Akhter Hossain and deputy secretary and other officials of the ministry were present.

Bangladesh is the first country to be included as a member among the Southeast Asia countries and in the Asia Pacific Region.

However, Zahid Ahsan Russel when explained how Bangladesh would be benefited of Bangladesh after becoming a part of the WSA said, “WSA is inter governmental part of the UNIO organization has been working with the development of youth and sports all over the world. They choose us as the first country in the South Asia of their Asia Pacific Region, I think it is great honour for us.”

“We have been working to bring back the youth to sports leaving the bad habits, addiction of mobile and dug, I think, after this MoU we will have all out support from the WSA for the development of the youth and sports of the country,” said Russel.

“In fact, on behalf of government, we have been building up the relationship with the different country signing on different deals, and hope a another agreement will be signed up with Brazil for their support in the development of our football, this is also a part of our relationship with the WSA to their support,”

Zahid Haque, the senior advisor of the WSA of the Asia Pacific Region said, “We have been working with the youth and sports all over the world, in the South Asia we started with Bangladesh  specially the youths and sports development.”