POST TIME: 18 November, 2019 00:00 00 AM
China involved from day one to find solution to Rohingya crisis: Envoy
BSS, Dhaka

China involved from day one to find solution to Rohingya crisis: Envoy

Chinese Ambassador to Bangladesh Li Jiming yesterday said China remain involved to find out a solution to the Rohingya issue since the crisis began in the region.  “As a reliable friend and neighbour of Bangladesh and Myanmar, China has been involved in finding the way out almost since day one,” he said. The envoy said China’s efforts are evidenced by three rounds of informal meetings between China, Bangladesh and Myanmar at the ministerial level, and its commitment to facilitating friendly dialogues and bilateral negations between the two countries directly concerned.

The ambassador was addressing a function at the Chinese Embassy here marking the formation of a Chinese medical team, with support from the Chinese Yunnan Province, to be sent to Cox’s Bazar to help the host community as well the Rohingyas. Very recently, Jiming said State Councilor and Foreign Minister of China Wang Yi announced in New York that China would deploy a medical team and charity organisations in Cox’s Bazar for easing the burden on the government and the people of Bangladesh, said Ambassador Jiming.

 “The team members are ready to set off for the field and do everything they can to help the people in need,” he said.

Party Secretary of Yunnan Province of China Chen Hao presented flag to the team and declared its formation.

The Chinese ambassador hoped that the Bangladesh ministries concerned would render their support to the team in the days to come. “Let’s work together to see the suffered be taken better care of and the displaced return to their home as soon as possible,” he said.

The first team will stay in Cox’s Bazar for a month and after that a fresh medical team will replace them.

Leader of the China medical team senior consultant of People’s Hospital of Yunnan Li Bo said they will, through their exquisite medical expertise and high medical ethics, serve the local people selflessly and fearlessly as the envoy of peace between China and Bangladesh.

 “We will keep in mind the spirit of China forwarded by General Secretary Xi Jinping, which is to fear no hardship, dedicate to the mission, heal the wounded and rescue the suffered with boundless love,” he said.

He said they will keep in mind the trust of the nation and people, strictly carry out medical practice in accordance with the international norm and the spirit of China medical team in the new era.

State Minister for Disaster Management and Relief Dr Md Enamur Rahman, Deputy Secretary-General of Yunnan Province Yang Hongbo, Director-General of the Foreign Affairs Office of Yunnan Province Mme Pu Hong, Deputy Director-General of the Department of Commerce of Yunnan Province Yu Shukun, President of China Development Bank Yunnan Branch Hong Zhenghua and Executive Director of Partners in Population and Development (PPD) Adnene Ben Haj Aissa were present, among others.

Bangladesh is hosting over 1.1 million forcefully displaced Rohingyas in Cox’s Bazar district and most of them arrived there since August 25, 2017 after a military crackdown by Myanmar, which the UN called a “textbook example of ethnic cleansing” and “genocide” by other rights groups.