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Laughing out loud

Laughing out loud

A man noticed Nasrudin digging a hole, and asked him about it.
The reply was, "I buried something in this field last month, and I've been trying to find it all morning."
"Well," said the other, "did you have some kind of marking system for it."
Nasrudin said, "Of course I did! When I was burying it, there was a cloud directly over it that cast a shadow--but now I can't find that cloud, either!"
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The guest
Nasrudin heard a knock at his door one night. He opened the door, and the man standing there said, "Mullah, can you help a brother out and provided me with some shelter for the night. I am God's nephew."
"Oh, is that so?" asked Nasrudin.
"It surely is," the man replied.
"Well then," remarked Nasrudin, "for an exalted guest such as yourself, I must offer only the most exalted place to spend the night."
Nasrudin stepped outside and closed his door, and then turned to the man and said, "Follow me."
The man curiously followed Nasrudin.
Hundreds of meters later, they reached the local Mosque.
Nasrudin turned to the man and said, "And what better place could I offer you to stay the night than here at your own uncle's house!"
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