POST TIME: 18 November, 2019 00:00 00 AM
Zero tolerance to corruption a must

Zero tolerance to
corruption a must

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina while inaugurating the 3rd national council of Awami Swechchhasebak League in the capital said the people of the country won’t tolerate those living a lavish life with ill-gotten money. We appreciate this moral concern of the premier who rightly asked the question: why one has to earn money through corruption and stealing? But for checking corruption the nation has its Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) which is positively showing some activity in nabbing the corrupt people in recent days. It has recently started investigating the wealth of at least 45 ruling party leaders of different ranks and positions. ACC is carrying out investigations against at least 118 people, including politicians, businessmen and government officials. We welcome the ACC initiative.

A person devoid of morality may gain wealth and prosper by resorting to corrupt means but this does not give him/her mental peace rather it may bring disaster. Honesty pays ultimately and honest persons are rewarded in the long run. But it is disturbing to note that the number of people bereft of honesty and morality seems to be increasing in this country. They are taking opportunity to indulge in dubious deals to serve their purpose. Morality or values have taken a back seat here.  Besides the gloomy scenario of corruption and moral degeneration, there is also the sunny side of the matter. A few days back a rickshaw-puller returned Tk 20 lakh to its owner who lost the money. All is not lost.

But institutional corruption eats into the vitals of a society, weakens the state machinery and erodes the credibility of the government. This menace is not only confined to government departments, it has engulfed almost all sectors. Successive governments have attempted to fight corruption with no tangible success. The country’s position in terms of corruption index speaks volumes of it. Corruption increases overhead costs to projects and encourages underhand deals.  Shady deals expose the common people to suffering while the persons in high positions reap the benefits. By bringing discipline, accountability and transparency at various government offices corruption can be checked remarkably. Cooperation of the taxpayers along with the government efforts is needed for achieving this goal. The government must show zero tolerance against corruption.    Parents, teachers and guardians can help a lot in shaping their moral character of young learners.  For generating awareness new chapters on the evils of corruption should be added to the textbooks for generating awareness among students.