POST TIME: 15 November, 2019 00:00 00 AM
Chris Pratt’s ‘The Tomorrow War’ gets release date
Variety, Los Angeles

Chris Pratt’s ‘The Tomorrow War’ gets release date

Chris Pratt’s upcoming sci-fi actioner, which was recently retitled ‘The Tomorrow War’, has set a Christmas Day 2020 release date. The Paramount film was formerly titled ‘Ghost Draft’. It follows a man (played by Pratt) who is drafted to fight a future war in which the fate of humanity may rely on his ability to correct issues of the past. Yvonne Strahovski, Betty Gilpin, J.K. Simmons and Mary Lynn Rajskub also star in the pic.

Chris McKay is directing from a script by Zach Dean. “The Tomorrow War” will face off against Universal’s historical drama ‘News of the World’, starring Tom Hanks. Pratt became a worldwide star after headlining Disney-Marvel’s ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ movies as Star-Lord/Peter Quill and the ‘Jurassic World’ films as dinosaur handler Owen. McKay made his feature directorial debut on ‘Lego Batman’. l