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Khushi interested in film
DL Reporter, Dhaka

Khushi interested in film

Actress’ birthday today

Making a mark in the world of acting by playing challenging roles on the small screen, Shanaz Khushi is today a household name to the viewers. Khushi, already a successful actor on the small screen, was never seen appearing in any film till now. The actress has expressed her wish for working in a film which would offer her a good story and challenging role. The actress was recently offered a film for playing an important role. But she had to decline the offer as the proposal came at a time when the production of the film was in the final stage and Khushi couldn’t match her schedule with the project.

Khushi said, “Like every artiste, I also wish to act in a film containing a wonderful plot and brilliant character. Payment is not an issue for me if I really like the story. The audiences also often express their desire to see me in the films. If everything goes well, I am optimistic about appering on the big screen soon.”

On the other hand, today is Khushi’s birthday. She will spend the day with family members at her home. The actress is also scheduled to take part in RTV’s live celebrity talk show ‘Tarokalap’.