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Swechchhasebak League council
A dozen former BCL leaders lobbying for key posts
Abu Jakir, Dhaka

A dozen former BCL leaders 
lobbying  for key  posts

The triennial central council session of the Awami Swechchhasebak League, an associate organisation and volunteer wing of the Awami League (AL), is set to be held tomorrow (Nov 16), seven years after its last session in 2012. The third triennial council session of the organisation will be held in the city’s Suhrawardy Udyan on Saturday morning.

The Awami Swechchhasebak League started its journey in 1997 with a convening committee, led by Mokbul Hossain and Habibur Rahman Habib.

Its first council session was held in 2003, where AFM Bahauddin Nasim and Pankaj Debnath were made president and general secretary, respectively.

With the stage set for the third triennial council session, a dozen former Chhatra League leaders have been lobbying with top leaders of the ruling party to get top positions in the new committee.

Aspirant leaders called upon the AL president and organisational chief of the Swechchhasebak League, Sheikh Hasina, to include honest, dedicated, committed and deprived leaders of the party in the new committee at Saturday’s council session. They also called upon their chief to drop corrupt leaders and induct fresh blood.

The names of the present joint general secretary of the Swechchhasebak League, Gazi Mesbaul Hossain Shachchu, senior vice-president, Nirmal Ranjan Guha, vice-president, Motiur Rahman Moti, organising secretaries, Khairul Hassan Juel, Sohel Rana Tipu, Sazzad Shakib Badsha, and Abdul Alim Baperi are being discussed for key positions of the organization.

When contacted, Gazi Mesbaul Hossain Shachchu said: “As far as I know, our party chief Sheikh Hasina this time will give chance to young leadership. I am also an aspirant for the president's post. I will work for the betterment of the organisation even if I don't get any position.”

Talking to this correspondent, Khairul Hassan Juel, who was an organising secretary of central Chhatra League, said he is an aspirant for the post of general secretary of the organisation. If the party high-ups induct young and dedicated leaders in the new committee, he will find himself in a key post.

He also highlighted his political career, saying he did politics during the party's bad times and served one-year imprisonment during the 1/11 period. “I think our party chief will consider these issues while selecting new leaders for the organisation,” he added.

Nirmal Ranjan Guha said the party high-ups should induct fresh, honest, and dedicated leaders in the new committee. “As our party chief has

started a drive to root out corrupt and dishonest leaders, as well as infiltrators, from the party and its associate bodies, I will request our leader not to induct such people in the new committee,” said Guha. who is also an aspirant for the president’s  post.

Sazzad Sakib Badsha said: “I hope our organisational chief will select those who have a clean image and who were involved in BCL politics in bad times of the party.”

Another aspirant, Sheikh Sohel Rana Tipu, said the parameters for the next leadership of the Swechchhasebak League should be clean image, dedication, and organising capacity.

“I hope these issues will be kept in the mind by the party high-ups during the leadership selection for the Swechchhasebak League,” he added.

When contacted, former Swechchhasebak League president and AL organising secretary, Bahauddin Nasim, said: “Those who are involved in corruption and other illegal activities will not be able to become leaders of this organisation.”