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Dhaka backs US stand on N Korea
DEEPAK ACHARJEE, Back from Washington DC and Seoul

Dhaka backs US stand on N Korea

Backing the US stand on North Korea, Bangladesh wants a peaceful solution through discussion between the US and North Korea to expedite the process of denuclearisation and sanction relief.

Bangladesh believes the ongoing pending issue will be resolved through dialogue in a peaceful manner, which is needed for restoring peace and stability in Korean peninsula.

The US officials said North Korea must sit with the US to resolve the pending issue and they can sit with North Korea at any place at any time to restore peace in Korean peninsula.

“As part of the ‘maximum pressure’ campaign, and they Council (UNSC) has adopted  sanctions to regulate the ban on the exports of North Korea's natural resources, such as coal and iron ore, and to prohibit the member states' export to North Korea which may contribute to North Korea's further nuclear and missile tests. As per the Security Council resolution on December 22, 2017, all the member countries have to repatriate North Korean workers by the last week of December this year,” the official added.

They think that they have no intention to punish the North Korean people by issuing sanctions. They are trying to give a lesson to their supreme leader for his aggressive attitude.

They thinks it is possible to resolve the pending issues on North Korea through discussion and in a diplomatic way.

The South Korean officials said that the US was also trying to sit with the North Korean leader for a peaceful solution of the matter. “They are optimistic that US president Donald Trump and North Korean supreme leader Kim Jong-un will sit across the table soon to restore peace in the Korean peninsula.”

On this issue, foreign minister Dr. AK Abdul Momen told The Independent that they wanted a peaceful solution of the ongoing tension between the US and North Korea through dialogue. “We hope North Korea and the US will sit and discuss the issue soon,” he said.

In a recent development, the National Intelligence Service (NIS), a spy agency of South Korea, has revealed that supreme leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-un, and US president Donald Trump are going to hold another round of working-level nuclear talks next month.

Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un already met twice—for an official summit in June in Singapore 2018 and then again for a meeting in Vietnam on February 18 this year. However, there has been little progress on dismantling the North’s nuclear programme.