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Yunnan Province and Bangladesh: Building a bridge of win-win cooperation
Bilateral, multilateral platforms promoting cooperation

Yunnan Province and Bangladesh:
Building a bridge of win-win cooperation

Bangladesh participated in the 1st China-South Asia Expo as the theme country. (Yunnan Daily)

Yunnan is the nearest to Bangladesh among Chinese provinces, and the Bangladesh-China-India-Myanmar Economic Corridor has closely linked the province to Bangladesh. Since 2016, the strategic partnership of cooperation between China and Bangladesh has shown a strong momentum of development. In recent years, as a frontier province in China's opening up to South and Southeast Asia, Yunnan has accelerated cooperation with Bangladesh in economy, trade, culture, education and tourism. The friendly relations between the two sides are stronger than ever.


"I still remember how the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) became a hot word at the China-South Asia Expo opening ceremony. The China-South Asia Expo means tremendous opportunities and potentials for international cooperation in the BRI-related economic corridors," said a Bangladeshi journalist when receiving an interview early this year. He attended the 2016 China-South Asia Expo in Kunming, capital of Yunnan Province and joined in extensive and in-depth discussions on cooperation in economy, trade and tourism between Yunnan and South and Southeast Asia.

In recent years, Yunnan has actively integrated into the BRI with its advantage of being close to South and Southeast Asia. In particular, through various bilateral and multilateral platforms, it has deepened exchanges and cooperation with Bangladesh and stepped up the efforts to build itself into a pivot of China's opening up to Southeast and Southeast Asia. Today, Yunnan and Bangladesh have carried out in-depth, multi-faceted and fruitful cooperation in economy, trade, tourism, education, culture, media, think tanks and other fields through such platforms as China-South Asia Expo, South and Southeast Asia Commodity Expo and Investment Fair, China-South Asia Business Forum, Yunnan-Bangladesh Cooperation Dialogue, China-South Asia Media Forum, China-South and Southeast Asia Education Cooperation Forum, China-South and Southeast Asia Think Tank Forum, Bangladesh-China-India-Myanmar Regional Cooperation Forum and China International Travel Mart.

These multilateral and bilateral platforms has promoted the win-win cooperation between the two countries. In June 2014, Bangladeshi Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina attended and delivered a speech at the opening ceremony of the 2nd China-South Asia Expo. She said that the China-South Asia Expo had lifted the friendly relations between China and Bangladesh to a new height and catalyse the exchanges between China and South Asian countries in trade, investment, tourism and cultural enterprise.