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Rehabilitate properly people hit by Bulbul

Rehabilitate properly 
people hit by Bulbul

Now is the time for rehabilitation of the people affected by Bulbul and mitigate sufferings of people who have lost their belongings. Soon after the cyclone Bulbul hit the coastal districts of the country on Sunday morning, the following day we had initial reports of loss of a few lives and not very extensive damage. The nation heaved a sigh of relief.

After a couple of days, the full assessment of the aftermath of Bulbul is rather distressing: more than two dozens of people died and destruction of properties amounting Tk 263 crore was estimated. Thanks to the existence of mangrove forest the Sunderbans that acted as a shield as well as the government’s precautionary measures including round the clock announcements on cyclone’s intensity and movement and moving people to safe cyclone shelters, damage to the extent of those of Sidr and Aila could be avoided. But it was also true that Bulbul was not strong enough as was forecasted.

The lives lost due to Bulbul will not be back, the government certainly needs to do a lot of things for helping those who lost their habitats and belongings of the poor people. After Sidr and Aila, many uprooted people moved to cities including the capital for survival. There might be such people because of Bulbul and before they move for cities, the government’s ministry of disaster management and relief must find out these people and help them rebuild their houses.

Then there is the necessity of helping the affected farmers in recouping the damage. According to the report of this newspaper yesterday, the monetary worth of Aman paddy and winter vegetables in 103 upazilas of 16 districts is estimated at Tk 263cr 5 lakh. At least 50,503 farmers were affected.

Among these farmers, there are, of course, many poor and marginal farmers. A list of these farmers must be made immediately by the Department of Agricultural Extension (DAE). They should be extended all necessary help including farm inputs and cash so that they can come back. Then there are damaged pieces of infrastructure of educational institutions that should be immediately reconstructed so that education is not hampered. By its sincere efforts, the government is expected to rehabilitate the people affected by Bulbul.