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Emotional empowerment is needed to protect family system
The divorce rate application has increased by a massive 34% throughout the country in the last year
Shahidul Islam

Emotional empowerment is needed 
to protect family system

Family is a cultural heritage in Bangladesh. It is a universal social institution and inseparable human organization in society. In the organization, women are pivotal to concerning the protection of the family. They also play a key role in terms of management and the advancement of family members as a source of inspiration. She endeavours to create a strong relationship and bonding with family members. Thus, women play an enabling role as manager, administrator, teacher, leader, housewife, and mother in a family.

Furthermore, the rules and regulation prevailing in the society (e.g. social norms, cultural values, religious knowledge, social behaviours, morality, and socialisation) are taught to the children by a mother in a family. From this perspective, a quotation from Napoleon can be remembered, "Give me an educated mother, I shall promise you the birth of a civilized, educated nation." Hence, it should be acknowledged that family is a crucial institution from time immemorial with a view to ensuring a civilized nation.

But, it is a sorrowful matter that at present family as an institution is at risk, not only in urban areas but also in rural areas in Bangladesh. Both extended families and nuclear families are vulnerable and even breaking down. The divorce rate application has increased by a massive 34% throughout the country in the last year, according to BBS. In addition to the BBS study, a divorce takes place every hour in Dhaka. At least 50000 divorce applications were filed in both Dhaka city corporations in the past six years. Also, in Chittagong City Corporation, 2532 divorce applications were filed from January to July in 2018. The above-mentioned statistics show the extensive rate of family breakage. Notably, among divorce applications, the majority were filed by women.

What are the behind reasons for the fragmentation of family? Why women are seeking dissolution immensely. The finding of the Prothom Alo report reveals that women's empowerment is a vital factor of increased divorce. Economically independent women are a reluctance to remain in an unhappy marriage where the husband is always suspicious of the wife, or physically or mentally torturing for dowry although females in rural areas abstain from separation due to social stigma. They are initiating and seeking a divorce in order to free from the interference of the family members in making choices and implementing their decision roles. Other reasons that are responsible for family breakage are a personality clash, facebook addiction, suspicious nature between them, extramarital relations, indifference toward family, etc.

Indeed, women empowerment needs to enjoy personal rights as an individual. Along with this, emotional empowerment is necessitated to protect the family system. It optimizes their amenities in a family. Emotional empowerment refers to having a robust and firm relationship between husband and wife, keeping stiff familial kinship and considering reciprocal as a comrade or partner. The emotionally empowered person can never torture his wife.  Then unhappy marriage is turned into a happy marriage. The indifference of women toward family is replaced by favorable matter.

Since emotional empowerment increases emotional awareness, management capability, and emotional maturity, as a result, spouses are more likely able to tolerate any reactions or difficulties within family. The positive and negative actions and reactions between spouses can have in a family seemingly. In that case, emotionally empowered persons can face the situation intellectually. They seem separation cannot be an accurate solution.

It is noteworthy that the propensity of family breakage among urban women is especially noticeable. Because of this, they are more influenced by western society than rural people. These western cultures are eroding the sanctity of the institution of marriage and familial relationships. Their so-called freedom tends them to an extramarital relationship. It is a sinister conspiracy of western think tanks against family culture. In western society, the family system has become a myth. Instead, the single-parent family is increasingly becoming popular.

There is no denying the fact that the household works have no economic value and recognition in the GDP. Consequently, urban women are losing their concentration toward domestic chores and being engaged in the labor force extensively as these jobs have economic value and counted in the GDP. Thus, it is causing the family breakdown gradually. Moreover, domestic chores are underestimated and outdoor works are overestimated. Hence, it is necessary that, like outdoor jobs, household jobs must have recognized and recorded in the GDP.

It should be known that the separation of parents is unexpected for all members of the family, especially for children. It has a greater impact on children. Their physical and mental growth is not constructed properly according to their age. Psychological experts state that their feelings and emotion could be perverted or exceptional because of deprivation from the basic behavioral learning institution (family). In the adolescent period, they are more likely to participate in a wide variety of crimes. Research findings show that the children who have experienced the dissolution of parents could lose faith in marriage. Besides, less participation in social activity and suffering from depression within the children are remarkable .

Similarly, the inexistence of family influences on elderly people. In the end phase of life, they have to reside in old homes where they feel loneliness, insecure, lack of joyous and care.

Also, they suffer from depression, stress, and mental pressure. Thus, for removing above mentioned all inconveniences of both children and elderly people and ensuring the wellbeing of them, the family is the utmost significance and unavoidable institution.

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