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5 to get Sheikh Hasina Mother of Humanity award
Deepak Acharjee, Dhaka

5 to get Sheikh Hasina Mother of Humanity award

For the second time, five more persons and organisations are going to be awarded the ‘Sheikh Hasina Mother of Humanity Social Welfare Award’ this year (2019) in five categories. The social welfare ministry will give away the award to persons and organisations that are looking after the welfare of people, including the poor, marginalised, elderly persons, oppressed and divorced women, children and persons with disabilities, freed prisoners and homeless people.

Sources in the social welfare ministry said they have prepared a shortlist of 16 people and organisations after scrutinising 100 applications. The list would be placed at the upcoming meeting of the Cabinet Committee on National Awards on November 11 this year. The names of the shortlisted people and organisations are: a) Valerie Ann Taylor, coordinator and founder of the Centre for the Rehabilitation of the Paralysed (CRP) in 1979, who was awarded the Independence Day Award in 2004 for her social work by the government; B) Chattogram division’s divisional commissioner Md Abdul Mannan, who is providing social protection to the less developed people by ensuring humanitarian assistance; C) Bangladesh Probin Hitoishi Sangha and Jora Bigyan Protishthan in Agargaon in Dhaka; D) Society for Assistance to Hearing Impaired Children (SAHIC), which aims at the prevention, early detection and rehabilitation of the hearing impaired, especially children, along with the treatment of ear, nose, throat and diseases of the head and neck that may cause hearing impairment; E) Paraspar Sangstha in Panchagar district; F) Klanti Sheshe Fashion House, a local non-government organisation (NGO), in Naogaon; G) Arunodoy, an NGO in Cox’s Bazar; H) Saimun Sangsad in Cox’s Bazar; I) Taslima Ferdouse in Naogaon; J) Marjina Akter Rumi in Tangail; K) Alhaj Al Mamun Sarker in Brahmanbaria; L) Mosammad Selina Jahan Lita in Thakurgaon; M) Dr Shamim Matin Chowdhury; N) Ferdousi Begum Beauty in Lalmonirhat; O) Dr Israt Rafique Eshita in Dhaka; and P) Alhaj Dr Chowdhury Mosadekul Esdani in Dinajpur.

The state minister for social welfare, Sharif Ahmed, told The Independent that they would finalise the list of the awardees at Monday’s meeting, which will be presided by the chairman of the Cabinet committee, AKM Mozammel Haque, who is also the minister of the Liberation War affairs ministry. “We are planning to give away the award to five more persons and organisations this year for their contribution of people’s welfare and also for developing living standards and the environment and for improving people’s physical and mental health,” he said.

“Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is an international personality. She became the mother of humanity as she sheltered around 112 lakh Rohingyas who fled to Bangladesh to escape persecution and genocide by the Myanmar army. And that’s why we are giving the ‘Sheikh Hasina Mother of Humanity Social Welfare Award’ for encouraging those people or organisations that work for providing social justice and humanitarian assistance to the people,” the state minister added.

According to the social welfare ministry, the award would be given to persons or organisations, both private and governmental, in five fields. These five fields are: A) in recognition of contributions to rehabilitate and work for aged people, widows and deserted and destitute women; B) in recognition of contributions to help create employment, self-dependency and social security of persons of those who are financially insolvent, marginal and underprivileged; C) in recognition of contributions to help develop lifestyles, create employment, provide welfare to the disabled and neurologically challenged people; D) in recognition of contributions to help develop, welfare and rehabilitate vagabonds, prisoners, children involved in criminal activities and underprivileged people; and E) in recognition of contributions to help empower the people in respect of the environment, health, education, mental health, lifestyles and intellectuality. Each awardee will receive a gold medal, a replica of the award, a certificate of honour and a cash prize of Tk. 2 lakh.

The ministry is currently responsible for the programmes and the provision of social and rehabilitative services to improve the physical, social, emotional and economic well-being of disadvantaged groups.

Sheikh Hasina, born on September 28, 1947, is the incumbent and 10th Prime Minister of Bangladesh, in office since January 2009. She is the elder daughter of the Father of the Nation, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. She is also the president of the ruling Awami League. Different universities and institutions of repute across the world have conferred various degrees on Sheikh Hasina for her outstanding contributions to peace, democracy and socio-economic development.