POST TIME: 10 November, 2019 00:00 00 AM
Accident on highway involving an easy bike

Accident on highway involving an easy bike

It has happened once again. The highway witnessed another head-on collision between a bus and an easy bike on the Panchagarh-Tentulia Highway. The accident claimed seven lives including that of a newlywed bride. Bangladesh’s highways are notorious for fatal accidents involving vehicles of all sorts. This is mostly due to the fact that the relevant rules for highway are not followed. The drivers of trucks and buses often go for reckless driving causing serious accidents, but after introduction of battery-powered easy bikes on the highways, accidents increased. That is why plying of easy bikes are banned on the highway.

Despite the ban, easy bikes are often noticed on the highways. And here we have another accident involving an easy bike at Panchagarh. Quoting sources of police and eyewitnesses, a report in The Independent yesterday stated that when a Tentulia-bound bus Kazi Paribahan from Panchagarh town rammed into an easy bike coming from the opposite direction in Magurmari area when the bike was taking a U-turn it resulted in the tragic accident.

It is easily noticeable that if the ban was strictly enforced, the tragic accident at Panchagarh could be avoided. Many other traffic rules are often violated with apparent impunity. And if this negligence regarding the implementation of rules continues, the nation will obviously see more such fatal accidents on the highways.  

The fact is if the causes are removed, road accidents can be greatly reduced. Besides implementing the ban, it is also necessary to stop reckless driving and remove adverse conditions of the roads and highways. Poor designs of junctions, overloading, overtaking, carelessness of road users, failure to obey mandatory traffic regulations and faulty vehicles are also greatly responsible for road accidents in the country.  The lackadaisical attitude of the country's law enforcers in meting out stringent punishment to offenders and easy access to driving licenses by clearly unfit drivers are also among the important contributing factors in road mishaps. It is regrettable the authorities have failed to go ahead seriously to remove these factors.

Every year thousands of lives perish on the highways only because the relevant authorities have not taken deaths from road accidents seriously enough. This attitude must change.