POST TIME: 10 November, 2019 00:00 00 AM
Bumper output likely as Aman harvest gains momentum
BSS, Rangpur

Bumper output likely as Aman  harvest gains momentum

The farmers are expecting a bumper output of Transplanted Aman (T-Aman) rice as its harvest gets full momentum with excellent yield rate in Rangpur agriculture region this season.

Officials of the Department of Agricultural Extension (DAE) said farmers have already harvested Aman rice from 45,000 hectares of land out of total cultivated land area of 6.08-lakh hectares till Friday.

The farmers have so far produced 1.47-lakh tonnes of T-Aman crop in terms of clean rice with an achieved yield rate of 3.27 tonnes of clean rice per hectare.

The farmers have finally cultivated T-Aman on 6.08-lakh hectares of land, less by 4.18 percent or 26,552 hectares against the fixed farming target on 6.35-lakh hectares of land in the region.

However, the cultivated land area of T-Aman on 6.08-lakh hectares of land this time is higher by 4,902 heaters than the cultivated land area of 6.03-lakh hectares of land last year.

Despite a little shortfall in the farming target due to floods, frequent recent rainfalls worked as tonic for super growth of T-Aman rice plants on vast tracts of crop lands predicting excellent production of the crop this season.

Additional Deputy Director of the DAE at its regional office Agriculturist Md. Moniruzzaman said a target of producing 18.08-lakh tonnes of clean T-Aman rice (27.13-lakh tonnes of paddy) has been fixed from 6.35-lakh hectares of land for the region this season. “The recent flood damaged T-Aman rice crop on 43.75 hectares of land and standing T-Aman rice seedling on 5,216 hectares of land causing loss of Taka 59.43 crore to farmers of the region this season,” he said.