POST TIME: 10 November, 2019 00:00 00 AM
Farmers happy with boost in bottle gourd production in Bhola

Farmers happy with boost in bottle gourd production in Bhola

Hundreds of marginal farmers in Bhola are making a good earning by cultivating bottle gourds in the recent year. Because of favourable weather and high demand, farming of this healthy vegetable is increasing at a steady rate in the district.  

Mizanur Rahman , a farmer of Char Gazi village under Velumia Union in Bhola sadar has become solvent by farming bottle gourds this season.

He has been farming the vegetable for the last several years in the area. This correspondent talked to him at his land where he farmed bottle guard on his half acres. “ I have sold bottle gourd for over Taka 50 thousand this season so far and expect to make a gross sell worth Taka 40 thousand more in the coming days ”, Rahman said. His expense for cultivating the vegetable was only Taka 20 thousand this season.       

In this village, many other farmers are turning to bottle gourd farming. Another farmer Kutti Mia, 50, has cultivated bottle gourd on 40 decimal of land this season and earned Taka 40 thousand. He said due to the fact that a huge amount of bottle gourd comes to Bhola from other districts like Barishal and Jashore, farmers are being deprived of getting better prices.